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Azamara “Brand Blog Challenge” Who is Azamara anyway?

Who is Azamara Anyway?

The second in a series of posts about the thriving brand “Azamara Club Cruises“.

Although you may not have heard of them, Azamara is an award-winning brand with only two ships!  The “R Class Ships” are not too big or too small. Most say they are just right….  Azamara calls them Boutique Hotels at Sea.

There were definitely a few things that the Architect in us really appreciated!

  1. Our favorite spot on the ship is on Deck 9 Aft.  An outdoor area with tables and a bar just outside the “Windows Cafe” overlooking the wake! Did I mention drink service, cloth napkins, automatic door, open at sunrise or after dark!  Sit at a romantic private table or join some new friends on a bar-stool!  You can even buy a round, because the drinks and tips are included in your fare…..

  2. With a full ship capacity of only 694 guests – you might just cross paths with each of them.  But those certain souls whom you connect with will be easy to find in your favorite lounge or entertainment venue.  For added value you definitely won’t get lost – on the ship that is.

  3. Arriving at each destination will amaze you. Because of the size of the ships, you can get closer to what you came to see, the Architecture and Culture of course!  Don’t spend your precious time or money taxiing to the city. When you sail with Azamara, you will step right off the ship into the action where you can stay past nightfall or even over night!

Come along with us on this experiential examination of Azamara Club Cruises from an Architect’s perspective. Enjoy our detail oriented evaluation of why it’s the little things that count!  

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The Turquoise Coast

Click the Image to enter the SWEEPSTAKES! – Yes you arrive at piers like these – just full of local boats!  No industrial shipping port to navigate (usually).

Azamara might very well be the perfect brand for you!

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Azamara Club Cruises is the upscale brand relative of Royal Caribbean and Celebrity.  The Journey and the Quest are small ships offering immersive itineraries and connection to locals, from a boutique hotel at sea.  In your Azamazing destinations you stay longer, experience more, and literally see the world #AzaLocal!  Search the following hashtags to learn more:

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