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This is NOT a Christmas Greeting!

Until there is Peace on Earth we won’t be celebrating Christmas!

this is not a christmas greeting

We might spend a fun day in a social setting with family. We might participate in a gift exchange. Because we love to buy for others, in addition it is what is socially expected.  We don’t want to hurt them or disappoint them. But we do want to make a point. We don’t have any right to celebrate Christmas.

That would be like ignoring all the turmoil in the WORLD – particularly The Holy Land Region.  It is self serving, and pretentious, to honor the birth of a baby boy, who once walked this earth teaching PEACE and LOVE.

Bethlehem, the city where Christ was born is in Palestine. 

Have you been there?  You can go there….  If you do, you will have to transfer cars, and drivers at the border, hand off cameras and baggage, because no driver or car from a neighboring country can enter.  They welcome guests, but not from neighboring lands.  They can’t.  Because the people aren’t friendly.  This is what they do to keep their families safe from acts of hatred.

Imagine if no car or person from Wisconsin could cross over into Illinois, because of deep rooted hatred and age old turmoil over which religion is right….  It is as silly as building a wall to keep Packers Fans out of Bear Country.

Christmas is a holiday of Christianity that was invented in 100 AD at the beginning of our “era” of time. Christmas is Christianity’s celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth and the first Christmas was celebrated in 336, 300 years after Jesus’ death. But, it’s not Jesus Christ’s birthday.  Christ’s birthday of December 25th was placed by Constantine, the first Christian Emperor, to camouflage a so called pagan holiday, the birth of the Sun originating in Egypt.


The birth of the Sun depicted in 2017 at the Temple of Karnak on the day of the Winter Solstice.  The sun aligns perfectly with the corridor of the temple on this day every year since 2055 BC (2055 years before Christ).  You can cover it up with Christmas but you can’t stop it from happening.  It’s magical – don’t you agree?

Biblical scolars believe, based on the age of Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth’s son John, that Jesus, who was known to be six months younger, was actually born at the end of September.

Jesus attempted to teach peace and love.

He didn’t judge anyone.

He healed with love and light.

If Christ was the son of God in human flesh then you and I are too.

Have you ever thought of yourself in that way? If you did you would also have to ask, WWJD – What Would Jesus Do?  How would he celebrate a day like Christmas?  What will you do?

It is our hope that instead of celebrating Christ’s birth you will aspire to be like Jesus – and spread peace and love throughout the world!

You can do this by traveling to far away lands, learning about other people, seeing in other ways-thru others eyes, and by understanding and accepting other traditions.  We are always ready and willing to help you with your travel plans.

Maybe you would like to see the Holy Land for yourself to further your understanding. Give us a call at 815-516-0300. We have a private guide, Sam, that we work with, who speaks four languages and knows the turf!  You can do this with a land or sea tour.

Maybe you want to branch out, and visit the Origin of Civilization and The Original Holy Land – Egypt.

Perhaps you are more comfortable with something more familiar like seeing the Original Passion Play in Oberammergau. You can do this as an add package or shore excursion from a River Cruise, call for more info.  There are many brand options to choose from on this travel Website!  Suppliers notify them when there are special offerings like the Oberammergau add package!

Dare I suggest to: Take Christ out of Christmas!

Forget about a religious brand and love your neighbor how ever he/she is.

We wish for you PEACE in your own mind, in your own home, and your own town

In your state and country – wherever in abundance…

We wish for you LOVE which is the power within you – to give and to receive.

  We wish for you the courage to be who you are, and the power to let everyone else be who they are.

Our wish is for PEACE in the world, no matter the country or religion

on December 25th – and Every Day After.

With much Love,

Architect Rob and Lynn

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