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Introducing Periscope – a new social media App! And the best news is that we believe it can change the world! Periscope – the new Reality TV is a way to broadcast where you are and what you are doing there, to share it with the world in a LIVE video feed! So far you must access it only from mobile devices. We heard that it was going to be popular for use by travel agents, tour guides, travelers or just anyone who does fun things in unique places. People who join Periscope can follow you – see where you go – what you do – having a LIVE experience with you through video! So…Periscope the WorldYou can send wishes, accolades, comments, hearts (LOVE), ask questions and even get answers from the LIVE broadcaster!

Bahai Gardens - Periscope the World

Change the world you say?? I was watching a live video feed in preparation for our middle east trip that is coming in September. The Broadcaster “Discovering Israel” was visiting Bahai Gardens in Haifa, a place we are planning to see. In the LIVE broadcast he is showing views of the gardens built into the side of a hill overlooking the city and the sea. It was beautiful and peaceful. In Periscope you can see people join and leave the broadcast. You can also see comments and Love sent by the viewing audience. Most comments are complimentary. Many people say “Hi from ____ (their location)”. LOVE is sent by tapping the viewing screen causing hearts to flow out to the global audience. Once in a while I would see a comment from a hater. But that’s not what affected me ….. The thing that had an impact on me was that I would see comments from people in various places, that read “what? no bombing??” or “where’s the war?” The commentator / broadcaster would always reply – “Not here – people live in peace most days, come here and see for yourself” The broadcaster has 53,995 followers, I believe his cause is to dispel misinformation spread by mainstream media. Since this day I have caught a couple other LIVE broadcasts – I have heard him tell people that he is Jewish, and it is always followed by “but we live in peace with the Muslims and Arabs.” Today he did a LIVE broadcast entitled “Arabs and Muslims receive medical treatment in #Israel – a viewer asked him in a comment “Are you Arab?” Discovering Israel replies“I am human – like anybody here” And he went on to say that Arabs are welcome into Jewish territories, but said that Jews are NOT welcome in Arab territories… Anyway I much prefer getting my news direct from the source! When we travel we take seriously all that we see and learn and it opens our minds and hearts to humankind… Now – if we wonder if something is true – maybe we can find out for ourselves on Periscope! Knowing the truth, having access to the truth, and seeking the truth surely will change the world. For many years we have been under the spell of the mainstream news – now freedom to see for ourselves! The world wide web strikes again!

The Periscope app is connected to Twitter, so you can login using your Twitter account, and even tweet your favorite videos! You can be sure we will Periscope our next trip – so get the app, sign up and follow “Belles World Travel” from Athens to Istanbul September 26 – October 12, 2015

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