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Celestyal, 7 Night - Steps of St. Paul - October 2023

Cruise Dates:

October 21 to 28, 2023

Trip Dates:

October 20 to 28 2023

Celestyal, 7 Night - Steps of St. Paul - October 2023

Pre Hotel Nights:


Post Hotel Nights:


Per Person Deposit:


NOT AVAILABLE as a last minute deal. Group rates will no longer be available after June 21, 2023

Final Payment Date


Refundable Date


Non Refundable Terms

$60 Penalty on all Cancellations regarless of the date

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About The Cruise

Join us on a mesmerising voyage to discover the romance and the mystery of the Eastern Mediterranean as we follow in the footsteps of St. Paul the Apostle. As we journey through the emerald waters of the sun-soaked Cyclades and the stunning coastline of Turkey, this wonderful 7-night adventure invites you to explore iconic landmarks, savor authentic cuisine and discover the trials and tribulations of St. Paul’s epic journey to the Eastern Mediterranean region.

As you explore the captivating coastal towns and discover charming Byzantine monuments you will learn about how St. Paul’s controversial ideas sparked riots and cast him into prison. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to visit famous landmarks including the Hagia Sophia, the Holy Grotto of the Apocalypse, the Faustina Baths of Miletus and ancient Ephesus, the best-preserved historical site in the Eastern Med.

Hosts: Lynn & Rob Belles


About The Hosts

Rob & Lynn Belles are middle aged married people who own and operate Belles Firm of Architecture, and Planning To Cruise. Rob is a licensed architect in Illinois and Wisconsin, USA. Lynn does design work and bookkeeping, but as of late spends much time booking cruises for Planning To Cruise clients. They have carefully constructed their lives so that they can live work and play on cruise ships as often as possible. They invite anyone to share their cruise journey adventures by publishing them here. Book with them and they will teach you how to navigate the cruise travel experience with the greatest amount of enjoyment and comfort. Travel along for a deeper "learn by doing" Travel Like an Architect™ experience.

Lynn and Rob are fun loving foodies who enjoy adult beverages whenever they are offered. On the ship you will find them partaking in live music and theater events, sunrises or sunsets with a coffee and camera in hand. On land they often do their own thing exploring the port on foot. They love to shop, stop for a snack utilizing public transportation or private taxis. On certain days they may book a private tour to see something specific, or experience nature in a certain way. They will teach you how to compile information ahead of time to eliminate any language barrier in communication. Lynn says "You can do way more, on any day, if you are well prepared."

Come Cruise with us! We ALWAYS have FUN!

Host Affiliation

This is a privately hosted Cruise vacation by Lynn & Rob Belles.

Promotional Amenities & Source

Travel With an Architect is cruising the Greek Islands, Egypt & Israel with Celestyal Cruises, for two one week itineraries, back to back, round trip from Athens Greece.

Choose one itinerary, the other itinerary - or BOTH!

We will be onboard the Celestyal Crystal with you, and available to answer questions, and give guidance.

This is not a guided tour experience.

We have group pricing for this adventure of a lifetime that is better than you can buy directly from Celestyal. Some time after we contracted for our group the cruise line changed some pricing policies due to inflation and pandemic recovery but we still have our CONTRACTED RATES! We have 5 staterooms available. Call, text or email for more information and - to book.

Package includes:

3 Meals / Day

Unlimited Drink Package

2 Excursions

Port Charges & Gratuities

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