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What EXACTLY does a Brand Architect Consultant Do?

The Consultant Service we offer is a
detailed written report that evaluates
the travel experience’s brand alignment qualities.

As your Consultant we first take into consideration your marketing efforts, to determine who you think you are or intend to be. We complete your online travel agent training, and study your website. When we travel with you we notice your Staff, Procedures & Policies, your Architecture and Interior Design, the Activities, Food & Entertainment; we will even tour your back house space.  We study your target demographic & overall comprehensive design qualities right down to the nuts and bolts of the facility.  We even befriend your staff and listen to what they have to say about their work environment.  We want to assure that the whole experience matches the marketed mission of the organization.  In other words, Are you who you say you are?  Do you provide what a customer expects to get!

There are three basic types of service that we offer:

  1. Experience Based – Brand Alignment Critique (The Vacation Review)

  2. Architectural / Interior Design Based – Brand Alignment Critique (The Environment Review)

  3. Building / Ship Maintenance Evaluation & Remedy Prioritization (The Necessary Work and it’s Importance)

We offer a Combination of two or MORE!  Contact us for a custom recommendation and proposal!

Why we are a natural Brand Consultant

As Commercial Architects and Engineers, we thoroughly understand, think about, perhaps overthink about, the relationship between a business and it’s mission.  We think about it’s facility, it’s staff, it’s presence, and it’s current ability to function in that desired capacity…. If something isn’t working quite right we can figure out why.  As Travel Agents we understand that each travel product has a target demographic.  As Travelers we know how important a perfect Vacation Experience is!  We are natural brand consultants because we have a three-dimensional understanding of the travel industry.

Architects = designers of Homes, Restaurants, Entertainment Venues, Bars, Medical Facilities, Dental Offices, Factories, Cafeterias, Offices, Reception Areas, Dance Studios, Libraries, Spa Facilities, Laundry Facilities, and more.


Engineers  = masterminds who can figure out how to make the space work.  We know about Mechanical Systems, Electricity, Plumbing, HVAC, Air Quality & Air Pressure.  We understand Fire Safety, Door Closers, and Generators.


We design buildings from scratch or re-purpose one type to another.  We understand how important the big picture is!  If it looks great it still has to function.  If it functions it must also look great!  If it functions and looks great it must also be Cost Effective.

We want to help you make sure that everything about the experience is perfect and there are no disappointments.

We consider everything that effects everything else….  We can identify, troubleshoot, brainstorm and help you prioritize with creative solutions that fit into your budget.  We always have enthusiasm and respect for your goals and the future vision of your brand.  We never stop thinking….  Our favorite saying used to be “I wonder why they don’t _______________?”  The answer to which is:  Because we weren’t telling anyone!

Did you know that Frank Lloyd Wright designed furniture

fixtures and table ware for his Clients?


A BONUS of the Brand Alignment Consulting is the part you get for FREE!

When we return, we write about our travel experience…  Primarily about the places we go, and the Amazing Architecture we see….  Our mission is to inspire and teach people about international travel.  The Cultural Experience is our content.   What we write is not an in your face profile of your brand.  It just highlights your brand by default…  because you got us there and took care of us throughout our journey!   We usually produce one post and one video per destination.  As well as multiple photo posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Primarily showing that we had FUN!  In the Name of your Brand.

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