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Travel Brand Architect

Hey – we’re so excited that you landed here!  Welcome!


Once you understand what a Brand Architect does,  I know you are going to be ready to work with me.  I actually mean “work with us” but I am using the term “work with me” as a keyword so that the right people would find us online.  So that people looking for “Brand Alignment Experts” or “Mystery Shoppers” to help them promote, align and improve their brand experiences would land here.  


Kind of like a DESTINY that brings us together!

Lynn & Robert Belles – Brand Architects

To Achieve Brand Alignment all potential disappointing aspects must be eliminated from the experience within the perspective of the target market.

To do this you must understand that everything effects everything else.  We must identify causes of actions and reactions, while connecting the dots, and analyzing flow…….  A Brand Architect can do this for you!

We are not a hospitality marketing agency or a branding agency.  We look to you and your team of experts for your marketing strategy.  We study your advertising campaign.  Because we know you worked hard on your image.  Architects are schooled at literally setting the mood in a built environment.  Skilled at tying together the brand strategy with the complete design of the facility. After all real Architects are the only professionals who can do a three-dimensional brand alignment evaluation for you! We are the only profession with the architectural expertise required to be a brand consultant.  We aren’t really Brand Architects – we are Real Architects! There is a reason why everyone wants to be some kind of an Architect…….

In the Thesaurus Architect = Creator = God.

If I could tell you one thing, that gives us the most value, it would be that first and foremost we are a team.  You can not partner with one or the other of us!  We each bring to the table our own unique perspective, one male, one female, two great minds!  We are Professional Secret Shoppers – who are Consumers of high profile goods, Architects who are Travel Agents, and World Travelers who are as versatile as Chameleons!  We can be young or older, naive or wise, snooty or common.  Because of the way our minds work, we see the world in a different way – a connected way – where everything about an experience effects everything else!  Everything we do gives us insight, a unique perspective, and wisdom through which we creatively troubleshoot and navigate a process for improvement.  This process will eliminate potential disappointment from your brand.  Hire us or add us to your team!  


Email – for more information.

The mission of our blog is twofold  

  • The stories we tell are intended to inspire and teach.  In order to do that we have to dispel fears.  The fear of traveling internationally.  The fear of doing so without knowing a language. The fear of navigating a culture that is unfamiliar.  The fear of spending the money.  The fear that I don’t have enough money.  The fear of people who are different than one’s self. Thru International Travel we teach tolerance, we learn to be friends, and we learn to have empathy and compassion for all of humanity.  Through international travel we can inspire world peace…..  this is why we write most of the posts on our site.

  • The stories we tell are intended to be examples of how we think, for the purpose of attracting opportunities – opportunities to use our gift of critical creativity to build up the travel industry to it’s highest potential.  To build it up to meet expectations and prevent disappointment.  To generate opportunities for our unique abilities in support of your brand.  To evaluate the experience that you offer in a three-dimensional way.  While most folks have a linear experience, Architects have a three dimensional experience!  One where we can see your brand in plan, in section, from the outside in and the inside out.  We can see everything from how the sidewalk transforms our arrival, the pool refreshes, or the room reinvigorates.  As Travel Agents – we understand the product, and experience your intent through the use of your marketing materials.  As World Travelers we understand the emotional bonds created by a fully rewarding experience, compared to the damage done by a disappointing aspect or another.  As Engineers – we can figure out how to make it all work, efficiently and reliably, how to make your brand stand out among the masses experientially.  Let us help you check the blueprint of your brand – with a deliberate effort to connect all dots aligning it with an upward growth intent!  The underlying purpose for this Page Publication.

Brand Architect Consulting Services Offered

Architects are creative, critical thinkers, problem solvers for people who utilize architecture (everyone?!?).  We are classy and fun, we can get dirty or spiff up!  We can make ourselves blend into any social class or age bracket to interact, listen and learn about everything you NEED to know as a brand manager.  We can be your secret shoppers all while doing a full scientific analysis of your unique travel experience!  You receive a review designed to enable your brand identity to be all that it can ever be!

Contact us for Details: Email –


Brand Alignment is a behavioral approach to brand management. We do – Vacation Reviews, Hotel Reviews, Resort Reviews, Cruise Reviews, basically any kind of Travel Reviews that test the culture and performance of your unique brand!


What EXACTLY does a Brand Architect Consultant do?  


(Contact us for a password to find out! Email:

Why Hire a Brand Architect Consultant?

Because Influence Marketing has taken over….  but it can’t be the means to the end.  Because all it is – is bla-bla-bla…  You can give away free vacations all day long in exchange for positive articles by the recipient, but if you never hear about,  identify, and fix the things that cause disappointment in your brand the downhill slide has already begun.  We have many friends who are travel bloggers.  We have even traveled with them and heard the rant, maybe even about your brand.  I assure you they are not as secretive as you might like.  We even shared the same experience and then read their flowery publication describing it.  We can read between the lines and understand how they are dancing around the disappointing aspects of the experience.

These disappointments in many cases would be so easy to fix!!


We don’t want to earn our keep telling positive stories about your brand, while dancing around the disappointment. We are motivated by the improvement factor!  At our Blog, we teach people the beauty of all travel experiences.  But through consulting we can empower YOU to perfect your brand experience while everyone else is busy bla bla blaing!


Talk is Cheap but what we can do for you has Great Value!

What People Say About Us

  • “Both Rob and Lynn communicated with me/us in a timely manner and were not afraid to express opinions in a professional manner”  Dr. Lane Abrell, Superintendant


  • “Based on our past experience it is our feeling that you would be pleased with their efforts and your finished results”  Timothy J. Phalen, VP of Market Development


  • “Belles was the only one of three who seemed genuinely interested in making the process painless.  I would recommend your firm to anyone that I know seeking architectural work.”  Thomas A. Chiodini, President

EXAMPLE:  Once upon a time a School District called us up to say that they needed to build a classroom addition to their K-12 school building.  

We scheduled a time to come out and look the situation over…. A time to see what they had in mind but also a time to question whether they really knew what they needed or not.  A time to consider if there was a better way to achieve the same end result.  During our visit something blatant jumped out at us!  There were four complimentary uses occupying valuable space in the classroom corridor.  We saw right away that the school Library, a group Reading Room, a Computer Lab, and Distance Learning function could all be moved out of the class room corridor and combined to form a new “Media Center” for the small town school district, vacating and making available all the classroom space they needed.  Some times the solution to the problem is right in front of us and we can’t see it because we are too close to the circumstance.  


Here is what the Superintendent that we worked with had to say once the project was complete!

And we can do the SAME for YOU!

Here is a sample, abbreviated, report that we did for the new Cruise Line “fathom”.  Contact us for the password  Email –


How we do it

We would love to tell you that we have a process that we follow every single time – because it would give you the warm fuzzies and confidence to hire us.  You would feel like we had that secret recipe. The one that’s just right for everyone. But, it’s simply not the case.  If you think about it – it’s not even logical.  How could anyone have one recipe that was exactly right for every circumstance. The truth of the matter is that just as each experience is unique so is what we do for you.  We set out on a journey accompanied by everything we think we will need and let our intuition lead the way…  We are a husband and wife.  We are business owners.  We are business partners.  We are best friends and lovers. We become your perfect customer through preparation for our journey.  We Blueprint our plan each and every time, in a way that is just as special as you are…..  All of our work is 100% custom.  It would be unfair to tell you anything but that.

Contact: for a custom proposal, packages, and rates.

If you are just looking for a rough idea of what our service might cost, ask for a password to view the page:


Consulting Fee – Packages and Rates


Stats! – hey, we’ve got to start somewhere…. right?  We have been Architects for over 25 years but we have recently taken this effort into a “Full Time” mode. It will be fun to watch the statistics grow – we update them monthly!

Facebook – 2107  personal and page followers


Email Subscribers – 16,384 and growing….


Satisfied Architecture Clients to date – 404 business entities (over 1000 projects)


Travel Marketing Subscribers – 14,103


How can I get a proposal for my Brand Alignment project?

Contact: Email – to schedule a time to talk!


Brand Experience

Our Cruise travel experience runs deep into many brands.  In our opinion they are all good, although we have favorites each having an identity that aligns them with appeal to a certain target market.  Having experienced so many of them we have a thorough understanding of “the common characteristics of a cruise” not to say that these should not be questioned or even evaluated for change.  We totally comprehend that the more demanding customer is willing to pay more and as a result expects more…..  “More” is not always being delivered.  We love the concept of Cruise Travel and really feel called to offer our expertise to this industry. Being cautious not to offend anyone we have the opinion that MOST BRANDS are missing their mark in one way or another.

Please add to the list countless hotels and restaurants – yes we know the difference between acceptable and exceptional!

Azamara Club Cruises

Fathom Impact + Travel

Norwegian Cruise Line

Premier Cruise Lines

Frontier Airline

Celebrity Cruises – are Fun AND Classy – a more bubbly crowd who dances into the night and enjoys being treated like a celebrity.

Carnival Cruise Line – is Great for Families or Active less “fussy” guests. You get what you pay for and then some!

Costa Cruises

United Airlines

Holland America Line – is for a more mature Cruiser or Upscale Millennial, known for high quality food and entertainment.

Princess Cruises – Is Romantic – the original “Love Boat” Brand. One of the best known names in Cruising. The crowd will vary depending on the itinerary, as it will on any line.

Southwest Airlines


American Airlines

  • How far in advance do you accept opportunities?
    We require a signed contract for work and finalized travel arrangements a minimum of 30 days prior to departure.
  • Does my facility have to have a certain star rating online?
    If your facility currently ranks below a 3 star rating we will ask some further questions. But don’t worry – it’s not an automatic “no” we believe in your desire to upgrade and want to support you in any way we can.
  • How long does it take you to submit your report after completing the experience?
    We will complete the evaluation report in the same amount of time that the experience took. ie: two week experience = two weeks to complete the report. Minimum five working days. We will submit the report to you upon receipt of final payment.
  • When do I pay for your services?
    An up front payment equal to the rate calculated for the desired length of our experience commitment will be required prior to commencement of work – the blueprint for your project. Final Payment for services is due and payable upon completion of work and transfer of report documents to the client. In short 50/50 – 50% before and 50% at project completion
  • How do I get my work product?
    Work product will be hosted on our website and you will be given access with a password to a .pdf document.
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