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Scrap the Books & Make REAL Memories

Educate your kids in an effortless way!  Give them REAL memories – visions in their minds! While other kids are memorizing the books your’s will be rich with insight and worldly beyond your wildest dreams!

Visiting with a monkey whose family lives in the Amazon Jungle

It is our five (or six) senses that make travel memorable!

It is our five (or six) senses that make travel memorable! That is why we just can’t read about it in books or watch it in a movie! At Architect Travel we know from experience that there is NO substitute for being there.  You can Educate your kids – make REAL memories – see a lot in a short amount of time through Cruise Travel!

Our five traditionally recognized senses each provide the data for perception in our minds, contributing to an individual’s unique experience…. When you read a Social Studies book although there are pictures, there is no sight or movement, no breeze or air temperature, no smell, or sound giving depth to the story and specificity to your mind. You won’t meet anyone, taste or touch anything, feel a vibration or an emotion, stripping the experience of ALL it’s notable characteristics. In time …….. you probably won’t even remember it at all.  When the teacher says you must not miss Social Studies Class – think again.  When we travel – we internalize all that we experience – making memories that last a lifetime.  We learn much more than Social Studies – the list is endless.

Compare learning from a book to learning from travel, using all your human logic. Then have the courage to toss the idea that your kids must not miss school in the trash! It is not your idea. It is most likely not even your belief. When most of us challenge this belief – we are quickly persuaded by our own minds to dispose of it – because it is our belief in the education of our children that is so much stronger! We want them to grow up to be worldly, with cultural sensitivity and compassion for people who are not the same, to be open minded, creative and kind, no matter what. We can easily perceive the benefit of travel – how seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling the differences in other cultures and other places would be a tremendously valuable experience in the education of our children… so much more than Social


Mark Twain said it best:

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.

Mark Twain

It is our educational system that discourages travel during school, because it is inconvenient for them. They believe that all children should have the same opportunities, and that to allow one to travel is unfair to the rest. It is this broken logic that we must overcome. We must embrace each other’s strengths and weaknesses and each strive to be the best we can be with what life has to offer…  Just because everyone can’t go doesn’t mean your children don’t deserve the opportunity!

You may think you can’t afford it – but have you ever priced travel during school??   Travel when school is out and you will pay top dollar! Travel when school is in, and it suddenly becomes very affordable. That is why we always took our kids out of school, so that we could travel as a family during the most affordable times.

We discovered that International Cruise Travel – was always the most affordable way.

Your children’s school may not like it, but they will get over it. Our advice is to do your best to make the experience meaningful, and return your child to the classroom with memories to share. When it comes time for real life – your child will shine, because they are well traveled, they understand in a deeper way, they have better thinking skills and can have a meaningful conversation about their experience with anyone.

Call today for more tips on how to get them excused, how to win the teacher’s approval, and how to prevent missed content that is important! Our daughter has been all over the world with us. Her sophomore year in high school she missed in excess of 15 days each semester! Her memories are vivid and to this day she admits to discovering new things that she learned in travel all the time… Things she knows just because of the experiences she had.

Most importantly she learned to embrace opportunity, how to say yes – let’s go, without fear or judgement! She learned how to get around in a foreign country (or without a car at home). How to be safe abroad (or safe at home) and how to see all there are to see in the amount of time you have – always enjoying the moment right here and right now!  She learned table manners, how to talk with adults and how to become friends with someone her own age who didn’t speak fluent English.

From the Mom and Dad – your kids are yours for a very short time. Once senior year is over – your time is up….. Make the most of it while you can – Make REAL memories! School will still be there when you get back – and by then the teachers will have forgotten that they didn’t want you to go, and be eager to hear about the trip and eager to have your student share what they learned.  Ask me how I know……….

Enjoy the gallery of photos – and all the exotic places Suz has been!  It is really hard to imagine the effect of what she did and saw – – how it will impact her life and the decisions she makes. I really have to believe it will be all good…….  After traveling with us she was invited to study with the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen Denmark.  She spent 6 weeks there in an apartment with two other young girls.  One of the girls didn’t want to explore Denmark.  Suz and the other went many places and did many things!  Suz even got on an airplane and flew to Finland for the weekend to visit a dance friend she met in the United States!  Our world really is getting smaller and smaller – I believe we are wise to grow our children beyond the boundaries of home.

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