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10 reasons to gift your family a Cruise Vacation this year.

1. You can buy ONE GIFT and be DONE!

Say Goodbye to the hustle and bustle! Relax and enjoy the festivities of the season instead. Announce early to your recipients so they can relax and enjoy too!

2. A cruise vacation is the ONE thing EVERYONE NEEDS.

They NEED time away - They NEED time together - They NEED a break - a time to RELAX - a time to PLAY - a time to RECHARGE - a time to bond as a family.

3. A Cruise Vacation is ONE SIZE fits ALL.

There are activities and spaces onboard for everyone. There are Dining choices for any appetite. There are Play spaces for any amount of energy. Find your Quiet, or your Vibe with live music & entertainment. Grandma & Grandpa will love hearing all about it each night when you meet up for fine dining.

4. A Cruise Vacation is INSPIRING!

I mean lets face it - it's an EXCITING adventure, and therfore can inspire many things.. My husband always tells people he is on a diet because he has to fit into that speedo! The mere thought of a Cruise Vacation can put the wind in your sails, or bring back Grandma's spunk! But an upcoming Cruise Vacation can also inspire creativity in gift giving. If you buy the Cruise, the others can give each other all the little things that will make it extra fun! New beach wear - a waterproof phone case - memory journal - snorkel gear - baggage... What else can you think of?

5. Planning a Cruise Vacation is Educational

Look at a map of your itinerary together. Talk about the different destinations, what languages are spoken, and customs practiced. Search a hashtag of the destination in social to see what others are doing there.

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

6. Planning a Cruise Vacation can be a Family Activity

Schedule some time each week with the family for destination research, and planning what you will do when you get to each place. Here are some ideas: Study current events in the destination. Watch a movie filmed in the destination. Check out the destination on Google Earth. An aerial view of any place will always reveal the most interesting Architecture. Look at the excursions offered by your cruise line.

7. Kids will LOVE telling their friends that they are Cruising.

It is something that your kids can have that NOT EVERYONE ELSE HAS! Something they are getting that truly is special... something other kids can't just go out and get for themself. It's so much more than another video game or "i"thingy.

8. Kids of any age will LOVE sharing pics in social while they're Traveling.

Facebook Quote and image post from our daughter "Me just before I almost died!"

27 Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic

9. Kids will share their trip for months and years to come.

They will tell their story to friends, family, and even teachers, all who will ooohhh and ahhhhh over the experience. They will re-share the photos when they pop up as "memories" - one day realizing that those memories like great wisdom, obtained through an extraordinary life. You have taught them to travel and now it is a priority for THEIR family.

I can't really explain to you the growth that will occur. It is a deep and pleasurable growth. Everyone learns or remembers that life is not the same everywhere. Everyone comes home with memories that last a lifetime. Some return with newfound friendships too. Maybe you will become addicted to Cruising like we did.

Maybe a Holiday Cruise will become your family's new tradition. Some day it will be my family's tradition - I am still working on that... But, you can actually give the gift of a Cruise on any date that works for your family.

HINT - HINT - Best Value Cruising Dates:

The week before Thanksgiving

The week before Christmas

The first two weeks of May

September & October

Most Popular Cruising Dates:

Summer Vacation

Winter Break

Holiday Cruises

Spring Break

10. ONE and DONE! (did I mention that?)

If you're giving the gift, and you're buying the gift. You get to choose the gift. Any Cruise Vacation will have something fun for everyone - so go ahead - with our help, you choose - they will LOVE IT, I promise! We always recommend that the accommodations be at least as nice as "home sweet home" & the food should be "better"! Ask for our guidance in choosing a brand - we pride ourselves in being Brand Identity Experts!

Disclaimer: at we wear many hats. If you happen upon a link within our blog here or at other linked sites, and you click it there is a possibility we could financially benefit from that. It is our greatest hope that the things we share are of great value to you! As always our opinions are our own and we always aspire to be an authentic voice.

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