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3 Reasons You Might Want to Travel Like an Architect

travel like an architect

I bet you have been seeing our posts for a while and are really kind of wondering what “Travel Like an Architect ™” means!  To us it is obvious – but everyone always asks… Truthfully it has little to do with “Architecture”, although exploring it is among our favorite travel activities.  It has more to do with who we are – and maybe you are a lot like us – or you could use some creative ideas from us!  The reason people ask is because they are wondering why they would want to Travel Like an Architect ™.  Our answer starts and ends with making a blueprint plan and a financial commitment.  But there are three other blatantly obvious reasons, read more.

 1.  The first reason you might want to Travel Like an Architect is that Architects appreciate high quality! We want to travel in style and luxury leaving nothing to chance.

architects love good design

Wouldn’t you feel like a million bucks relaxing in one of these chairs on deck?

Because of our profession we always keep pace with the latest inventions, fashions and trends.  Which manufacturers have developed the best building materials, and how they fit into the clients building budget.  You know as well as I do, that once you know about the latest trends, and the best quality products, you want them for yourself! When you Travel Like an Architect you don’t want to settle for less………

The Pool Bar on a Royal Caribbean Ship

Trendy and fresh is what you want to find and we know where to look….

Serving Staff in a Royal Caribbean Dining Room

You work hard and you deserve a vacation.  The staff is waiting to serve you like a King, even if you are just an Architect!

2.   The second reason you might want to Travel Like an Architect is that Architects aren’t rich they’re creative! – We’ve refined this to an artform and want to share it with you!

medusa shoes art on a royal Caribbean cruise ship

Designer Flair on a Modest Budget – is found on a Cruise Ship!

Of the five traditional professions; architecture, clergy, engineering, law and medicine, Architects are likely paid less than others, while craving the same quality of life. Unless you become a “Star-chitect” winning international awards for your work, it is likely that fighting to be paid by a developer, or government entity is part of your daily grind. This week Belles Architecture is discussing the potential for payment of a few invoices that are in excess of 80 days old with a valued client.  In between we are looking for our next project with lead generating systems online, where people say they want to remodel 1000 s.f. with new finishes and furnishings and their budget is $500.  Although many don’t value what we do, it requires an abundance of creativity, a deep understanding of why things are done certain ways.  We must have presentation skills and work long hours.

When the work is done, we need a vacation, but we can’t afford the vacation that a doctor or lawyer might choose.  Can YOU?

architects salary

Although the things we do look exotic and expensive I assure you they were all within our means….  Click around to get an idea of what we have done on our Architect’s salary….

Decor for rich people designed by an Architect

Wait a Minute – Yes WE can! A Cruise is like a wholesale vacation at a 5 star moving resort!  Sounds fabulous?  Click the Destinations Tab to learn more!

3.  The third reason you might want to Travel Like an Architect is that Architects think of everything! – we seek out the coolest places to go, what to do there and we know what to bring with, just like always….

Think about what an Architect does day in and day out.  They draw building plans and details ie: pictures of how to build every aspect of a construction project. Descriptive notes about everything that could possibly be needed go into the specification book.  Imagine designing a building from scratch using no more than virtual paper and your imagination.  Don’t forget to specify a certain type of nail, screw or wire, the size of a pipe or where to locate the thermostat.  Choose the profile of trim, type of lock, door, or window.  Detail and size and thickness of the slab, the structural lumber, or the strength of the reinforcing.  Plan every surface of every room, inside and out.  Try to imagine a room when it’s done, including the style of the carpet, the color of the paint, the shape of the windows, because it has to look and feel beautiful.  I love it when a client asks me “Well – does it look like you thought it would?”  The answer is almost always “yes, exactly!” When we apply this talent to our travel we choose cruising because all of the necessary arrangements are provided leaving us to focus on planning the amazing details of the experience.  Who? What? How?

Rock Climbing on a Royal Caribbean International Cruise Ship

Some of the most amazing architecture you can explore is that of the ship!

When we are done with an Architecture project and ready for a Vacation, we crave a high quality experience, that includes the latest trends in activities and entertainment, with high fashion decor and top notch amenities.  We want to explore all types of architecture from unfamiliar cultures all over the world.  We know exactly what to pack so that we don’t spend too much!  If it weren’t for cruising – we might struggle to pay for it.  Sound familiar?  If so – you would probably like to Travel Like an Architect ™ too!

Travel Like an Architect means choosing a cruise, where everyone can have everything above and then some.  Subscribe to learn why a Cruise is like a wholesale vacation, while being, safe, convenient and affordable for almost anyone!  We started with Carnival many years ago.  We traveled with kids and are now traveling without! There is a brand match for every personality. If you have the earning power of an Architect or better, we are sure you can afford it!  Give us a call – have an Architect help you get started on your Vacation Blueprint TODAY!

Want more details???  Get our Packing List!

Travel Like an Architect ™ is further defined there

Get our Packing List HERE

(ALL Photos in this post courtesy of Royal Caribbean International)

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