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5 Reasons to Book a Cruise TWO Years Out!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Many people don’t know that you can book a cruise as much, and sometimes more than two years out! More importantly they don’t know why they should book early!

They think that one morning they will wake up and decide to book a cruise in a couple of weeks.  When that day comes they will get their coffee and sit down at the computer to pick and book the perfect cruise. They wait and wait and wait for that morning to come.  You know that perfect morning when your house is clean, your work is caught up, and your bank account is full to the point that you don’t have to work, and you feel absolutely comfortable taking a week, two or even three weeks off to go on a well deserved cruise vacation! Well I guess those people do exist, but most “Cruisers” plan months and years ahead.

Wondering why?

Planning ahead offers five distinct advantages:

1     Working with us, cruisers can get the best deals out there.   We can help you find what is called “group space”, “block space” and “risk space” These special offers are made available to Travel Professionals, like US. Without specifying exactly what each means, and how they are different – be assured that they all mean savings to you.  Some include extra perks.  Once they are gone they are gone. Then rack rate, is all that is available.

book a cruise

2     You will have your choice of the best selection of staterooms.  You know – you won’t have to pick the ONLY one that’s left.  You can choose the exact deck, location, and type of stateroom that will make your vacation perfect for you.

book early for first choice of staterooms

3     Book for a small deposit, then save for your final payment.  For some it is not a problem but others may want to make monthly payments and that’s OK!  We’ll do what ever it takes to make paying for your trip easy.  A typical cruise will require a deposit of $50 – $500 per person, depending on the brand and length.  This reserves the room for your party.  You don’t have to pay the remainder until about 90 days prior to your trip! Use the time to save up making the final payment comfortable!

book early so you have time to save

4     Talk it up to all your friends!  Plan your wardrobe.  Shop.  Dream of what you will do.  Adopt new motivation for a diet and exercise plan!  Save back some special new stuff to pack.  Have your kids do a school project about a destination.  It will give them a reason to be interested. There are so many things you will enjoy doing while you prepare your mind, body and soul for your trip!

5     Do your research “Blueprint your Vacation” especially if you are doing something adventurous or exotic, something more than a Caribbean beach.  If you are going on a Caribbean Beach Vacation you can probably just wing it without planning much at all.  There will be plenty to catch your attention when you arrive, or maybe nothing is just what the doctor ordered and a sandy beach is all you need.

book early then study your destinations
book a cruise then do your research
book early then plan your excursions

YEP – That’s actually Me!

book early for the best cruise price

Maybe you can afford a vacation every year!  Or maybe every other year is doable.  Either way, it’s better than not going at all……

Cost Example: Lets say your family of four books a cruise that sails two years from today.  Maybe you will spend $3000.00 which includes everything you need, your cruise, airfare, a pre-cruise hotel, and modest activities at each destination.  I think it is doable.  You pay $150 per person deposit, leaving $2400 in final payment and other expenses.  You have 21 months to come up with that money.  Just $115/month will get you there!  Or you can take it a step further and say $27 a week, or $3.86 per day! (that’s one Starbuck’s coffee)   The saving aspect is ONE good reason to plan ahead!  Can you imagine all the fun your family would have planning and looking forward to that cruise vacation for 21 months?

Planning a cruise vacation way in advance it completely RISK FREE!  If you book a cruise way out in the future, you can ask for a full refund of your deposit all the way up until final payment day, about 90 days prior to sailing!  Yes – you can get ALL your money back 90 days prior, if something happens and you can’t go!

A GREAT vacation isn’t always easy – but it is very satisfying!  Especially if you engage in the planning yourself.  One of the reasons we love cruising so much is because all of the travel arrangements for our geographical tour are made for us.  We don’t have to spend any time arranging to get from one destination to the next.  We can spend all our time learning about the places we will go.  We read up online.  We rent movies shot in the destinations.  We might read a book or listen to an audio book.  If you book far enough in advance you can even study a language or take a class!

Sometimes we do research and sometimes we just work, till it’s time to pack!

book early then work overtime to pay for your cruise

We work extra hours at our business’ that will enable us to free up the time off and have enough money to do what we want along the way!  Some times we take a lean vacation and other times it is luxurious.  The difference is always the amount of money we spend.  Through cruising we are always assured that whether we spend a little or a lot we will have fine dining, clean well equipped, safe accommodations, and a convenient life style while we are away from home – GUARANTEED!

Planning ahead doesn’t have to mean that you don’t have a vacation that’s right around the corner….  Just get them scheduled every year or even twice a year back to back. It is good practice, to assure that you get the best value, to plan ahead and book early.

After all, won’t it feel good when you return from your trip to know that the next one is already scheduled?

Book early

Planning ahead is the one thing we miss, now that we are travel professionals.  Something we have sacrificed in order to do this job of helping others travel. The trip opportunities that come along now, are last minute.  I mean they are great deals but I miss planning ahead.  I really miss that feeling of having one out there, knowing that the end isn’t the end, that it’s just the beginning of preparation for the next one!

Yes can help you with your next Cruise Vacation!  We would Love to help you Book!

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~ Rob & Lynn Belles ~


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