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7 Reasons Why NOW is the Right Time to Travel Abroad

I get so tired of hearing “I won’t leave the county right now” or “I don’t dare travel abroad”

My frustration has nothing to do with the fact that I sell travel.  I just really feel a sense of pity for these people who are literally afraid to travel abroad.  Do they really think that if they left the United States they would be less safe? Do they think that terrorism would find them?  And if it did would it not have been their destiny?  I mean really….  they say they are Godly but they don’t trust God.  Are they going to hide in their home town where everything is familiar?  Will they ever grow to know the beauty of our world?  Don’t they CARE?

American’s are Egomaniacs!  We believe all this garbage that we are sold by Politicians and our TVs!  Like – that we have the best healthcare in the world, or the safest buildings, the best restaurants, or that our prescription meds are better, or even that these same things elsewhere are DANGEROUS! We are taught that no other country can measure up to our expectations – that we may get sick or even die if we leave.  Are you striving to NOT be one of them?

Here are 7 reasons why NOW is the right time to travel abroad.

1.  Because you don’t want to believe that the world is full of hatred.  You want to see it with your own eyes to prove to yourself that it’s NOT true! There is Peace on Earth, you just may not have seen it lately.

see the peace travel abroad

I promise you – I didn’t leave planet Earth to take this picture! The port side sunset each night in Amber Cove! (fathom Impact Travel, Dominican Republic 05/2016)

2.  Because those people that you know who won’t go are not in your Tribe!  You don’t see eye to eye with them and don’t want to be one of them.  You are NOT a BIGOT – a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

I am not a bigot

3.  Because you want to have your own World View – not the one they are showing you on TV.  One that is real with real humans…  or real animals… or real fish… or even to feel the power of Mother Earth by taking off your shoes to stand on a sacred site or wading into the ocean to connect with the body of life that encompasses about 71% of the globe.

ocean is 71% of earth and it's peaceful

(Southbeach Miami Florida, 02/2016)

4.  Because you think that there might be something you could learn that would enhance your career or parenting skills.  You could learn how things are done in other places & bring new ideas back with you. We are often so busy believing that we know everything that we forget that things are not the same everywhere and sometimes there might be a better WAY.

learn in Cuba

Let me tell you how different things are in Cuba. When we see contrast like this we know it’s time to tune in because there is something to learn… I can say with confidence that the horse is not polluting the air. (fathom Impact Travel, Santiago De Cuba 05/2015)

Children are not even the same

The transition between the flat stone and the cobblestone marks the beginning of the famous road. Here in Greece a young musician can play to earn a few bucks! In the US, they just ask their parents for $$. Don't you think this young man feels a special kind of gratitude for his talent? We call it "Self Worth" The man dropping money is appreciating him....

Here in Greece a young musician can play to earn a few bucks! In the US, they just ask their parents for $$. Don’t you think this young man feels a special kind of gratitude for his talent? We call it “Self Worth” The man dropping money is appreciating him while building the child’s self worth. (Azamara Journey, Old Rhodes Greece 10/2015)

5.  Because we need to teach our followers that it is OK.  Since the media teaches the opposite.  Thanks to social media our friends can see us go – through our journey they learn that it’s OK, and maybe even better than OK.  You will earn their respect and they may look to you as a source for influence, or inspiration.

There is even peace in the Middle East

Over looking Wadi Qelt, on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho (Azamara Journey 10/2015)

6.  Because we need to see to understand.  To understand is to have compassion.  To have compassion is to have empathy. When we understand, have compassion and empathy we will naturally know the right thing to do next and who needs our help the most.

poverty sucks

She made my hat, placed it on my head and arranged my hair like she was my Mother. All I had to do to help her was to BUY the hat!  You know – I did. (fathom Impact Travel – Amber Cove, Dominican Republic 05/2016)

LAST – but certainly not least:

7.  Because the Presidential Election is this year, in November.  If we don’t understand that every American President is the leader of the free world we might elect that idiot who offends everyone – we will all pay for that, if it happens – everyone in the whole World!

Did you ever see the Robin Williams scene from the movie “The World According to Garp” where an airplane crashes into a house that is for sale?

Williams says “I’ll TAKE it – What are the chances of that happening again?” These things that we see in the news really are that rare.  The media and someone who controls them wants us to live in fear, so they show us bad news every chance they get.  Because if we stay home we don’t grow, we don’t become worldly, we don’t develop a global understanding, we don’t learn new ways, we don’t learn compassion, we don’t learn gratitude, we don’t learn respect, we don’t grow out of our old ways and step into new ones.  They like us stuck, in a broken society where we only learn what they teach us through media – “Propaganda” like our Russian exchange student once pointed out.  If we don’t learn what is going on in the world, how will we ever FIX it?

we all share air

The writing is on the WALL – We’re ALL in this together! (fathom Travel – Havana Cuba Restaurant, 05/2016)

As if there were a simple way to explain that we share the earth and the air that we breath!

Did you ever wonder why the world got to watch the twin towers fall?  How did the cameras manage to give the world a perfect bird’s eye view of that singular tragic event?  Did you ever consider that the airplane that struck the buildings was there to say “Hey everybody – Look over here – get your cameras running – because you won’t want to miss what is going to happen next!” Have you ever seen the intended demolition of a building? One that was planned and executed, timed and on purpose?  From an Architect’s point of view “Yeah – it looks exactly the same!”  We may never know the truth about 911. What we do know is that America had been sucker punched, if only to show the world that no one was safe anywhere!

Did we forget all of this already?  I never did figure out why so many stopped traveling after 911 or why taking our shoes off at the airport made us start traveling again…  There is NO logic involved, just media hype.  They said it was not safe then they said if you take your shoes off, it is. When we succumb to the media hype, we hear what they tell us and we stop independently thinking.  Or maybe we are in denial about the police shootings, or the school shootings, or the nightclub shootings.  We just think it’s so perfect here – we should never leave….

If you think about it logically we should fear staying here!

Although Rob and I don’t have our next trip scheduled – it is ALWAYS right around the corner.  I hope it is Europe.  I would enjoy visiting the middle east, again, or anywhere else. It will probably be a cruise. Time will tell – where we will go….  But staying home in fear is not an option!

It may be of interest to you to know that we don’t watch TV, or listen to the News!

If I could offer people who are scared to travel a valuable piece of advice it would be

“Turn OFF the news!”

“Play beautiful music instead”

standing in cuba

Think about it – Where do you stand? If you are ready to book your travel please give me a call I would love to help you! (photo: fathom Travel, Havana Cuba 05/2016)

If they can all SCARE us into staying home – They will have WON!

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