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A “SEE” Day – Marietas Islands Mexico

Marietas Islands Mexico – Oops – I told you that tomorrow was a Sea Day – but I guess it’s a “SEE” Day!  We are arriving in Puerto Vallarta at 11:00 am !  Do you remember this one? It was always a stop on “The Love Boat”…  and now you know how old I am.

Once again we pre-booked a shore tour!  Well – I guess it’s not really on Shore, and it really is a SEA day afterall.  The tour is called “Marietas Island Eco Adventure” we are all going even Gr. Barb!

Snorkeling Tour Tickets

After meeting in the Stardust Theater and going ashore – we board a large Catamaran that was all packed up for our day!  We were issued life jackets but not required to wear them, so I sat on mine.  As we head for the island the crew tells us all about what to expect for the day.  The plan was to cruise to the island – watching for whales all along the way at Marietas Islands Mexico.  We quickly learned that we should also watch other watercraft that were in the area and if we noticed them pointing and looking at something we should pay attention – and the captain would head that way.  It was about an hour ride to the Marieatas Islands.  They spent much of the time fitting snorkel gear to the people who needed it, and I took advantage of a wetsuit that they offered because I ALWAYS think the water is cold! They offer a mini scuba dive side tour for a bit extra and I noticed that one guy took advantage of that. There were many occations to see whales, we would see a spray or a tail breach, but not a true full breach on the way over.

When we reached the Island the Catamaran dropped anchor quite a ways from the shore.  We were all suited up and ready to Snorkel.   It looked like the island was made of rock, and there was a tunnel leading to a crater type opening that was not visible from off shore.  We were told NOT to touch the coral but to swim toward and then through the tunnel to the beach!  Way Cool!  We all got in the water – even Gr. Barb!  I thought it was funny, she got in the water then looked back at the crew member who was standing on the Catamaran who shouted “Now Swim!” as he shewed her away with his motions….

We snorkeled through the tunnel to the beach, then explored a smaller tunnel within for a bit.  The smaller tunnel was also connected to the ocean and was pretty rough exploring.  Julia pointed out some little crabs on a rock wall – eeewwww!  After a rest we swam back through the big tunnel and snorkeled along the rocky coast a bit before returning to the Catamaran.  And Gr. Barb made it through the tunnel to the beach and back!  It was a really cool place.

The surprise that awaited us as we climbed aboad was the Mother Whale and her Baby that would perform a full breach right near our boat!  WOW – made our day!

Lunch was waiting – a beautiful spread of fresh salad, fruit, meats and cheeses AND drinks made to order!  After a thorough head count we began our voyage back to the mainland.

The Crew was a ton of fun – we had another GREAT day!  We made it back just in time to shower and head to the ship’s evening show! The show tonight was a Hypnotist named Nadeen.  As you might expect the show was funny with a large audience particiaption.  The entertainment on the ship has been the best part so far!  Everything has been unique and everyone showcasing TALENT!  The shows are one of Rob’s favorite parts!  Tomorrow is a SEA day for sure – so maybe I will talk about a show!

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