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Agents Share Their Travel Tips for Avoiding Travel Stress

Belles World Travel Cruises Inc. was quoted in Travel Pulse last week.  Rachel Shapiro, Public Relations & Corporate Communications Specialist at Cruises Inc. headquarters, in Fort Lauderdale Florida, asked her Certified Media Spokesperson Team members, for some travel tips for avoiding Travel Stress!

Lynn quickly typed up a GREAT tip from our personal arsenal of expertise.  Our thanks to Rachel for the opportunity to share!

The tip was about how we use “” when we travel.  Even last week (in the fall) we booked a 3 star hotel for about the same price as a round trip ticket on the Rockford-Ohare Bus, AND we avoided a STRESSFUL and EARLY morning pre-flight bus ride to O’hare airport.

When you #TravelLikeAnArchitect – you slow down and enjoy the journey!

Here is the tip, and a link to Travel Pulse!

Travel Tips

If you like the idea of booking a park sleep and fly hotel – you can do so by clicking the link here – O’Hare Park Sleep Fly

Although Rob and I always fly out of Chicago O’hare Airport, there are Park Sleep and Fly locations all over the World!

travel tips

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