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Becoming Virgins with Virgin Voyages

Flying out next week to beautiful Miami, where Rob and I are becoming VIRGINS with Virgin Voyages! I wish I had time to be excited! I mean, I am aroused. But I really have to contain it until the time is right. Yep – this is my kind of “born again”! Born to cruise again – FINALLY! Haha – they even made her a ginger! Who can notice the resemblence?

Virgin Voyages is the newest cruise brand sailing the newest ships at sea. We are ready to Cruise and even more excited about becoming virgins with Virgin Voyages! It’s been 19 long months!

Scarlet Lady embarkation day is 10/10 our 25th wedding anniversary.

WOW! 25 Years? Where did that go?

Here is the official scoop, directly from Virgin Voyages and Sir Richard Branson: “The Scarlet Lady is Adult-by-Design, a sanctuary at sea for the 18+ traveler. A dose of ‘Vitamin Sea’ will be naturally intertwined across the entire ship, with well-being activated through a mix of high-energy moments coupled with relaxation and rejuvenation. Sailors will also revel in immersive entertainment, 20+ world-class eateries onboard all included at no additional charge.”

“Taking a new attitude towards luxury, which the company refers to as Rebellious Luxe, Virgin Voyages will offer incredible value with all eateries, group fitness classes and soft drinks included within the Voyage fare. The Scarlet Lady will set sail from Port Miami to the Caribbean in October 2021, with a capacity of more than 2,770 Sailors and 1,160 amazing Crew from around the world.”

Virgin refers to Guests as “Sailors”. Rob and I are will be classified as “First Mates” having completed all tiers of the Virgin Voyages agent training program!

But this brand identity thing isn’t something you can learn by watching videos online or reading content… Rob and I always invest in our personal expertise! We are sailing on the second cruise out of Miami to partake in the experience!

Here are a couple of my favorite brand taglines from Virgin Voyages:

“Adults-Only and Relaxed Luxe cruise experience.”

Yep this means no judging! Jeans in the dining rooms are A-Okay, there is no dress code! Everything will be casually luxurious and you can dress as you like. If casual dress offends you – this may not be not your brand.

“Where superyacht design and your dream destination meet. Welcome to how Virgin does cruise ships.”

With Richard Branson at the helm, Virgin Voyages is redefining what a luxury cruise ship means by combining premium elements from favorites on land with the freedom and simplicity of a life well lived on the open ocean.

Ohhhh yeahhh – that is how I want to describe my life for sure! Well lived on the open ocean.. ~Lynn Belles

“RockStar Quarters – Suite dreams are made of this

If you’re into exclusive access throughout the ship, RockStar Agents at your beck and call, marble clad bathrooms with premium amenities and spaces conceptualized by world renowned designer, Tom Dixon, then let’s talk suites.

Rob and I are really excited about cruising again, but we can’t forget that we are still in this Pandemic. Virgin Voyages requires a fully vaccinated, from COVID19 status for Sailors and Crew. The brand is also requiring a negative test prior to embarkation for everyone to sail.

We will be cruising in a fully vaccinated environment!

We only stop at two destinations, Costa Maya & Bimini (Cruise Line Private Island) The rest of the time we will be relaxing and enjoying the amenities of the ship and some fellow Rock Star Cruisers!

Doesn’t Becoming Virgins sound GREAT? here is a bigger taste of the brand, just to tempt you:

Yoga – but not just at 6am

“Lick Me Till Ice Cream”… haha – you gotta read it out loud! It is the name of a frozen treat venue. I will have to earn mine!

Balcony – with a RED hammock? I’m game.

Pole Acrobats – exhibition/show

Drag Queen Hostess’

Breakfast All Day

Roasted Bone Marrow – a menu delicacy

Shake your Phone for prompt Champagne delivery – oooh laa laa

Scarlet Night!

Red Octopus – the spirit animal

“Never Sleep Alone” - A late night caberet show called

And that pulsating red logo when you open the app???

Is it symbolic of something? The hubby and I are celebrating 29 years of fabulous SEX on the 10/10/21 (our 25th wedding anniversary) 5 Night Scarlet Lady sailing from Miami – I can’t think of a better way to “Celebrate Life in Style” than a Virgin Voyage… Needless to say we didn’t INVITE ANYONE to join us this time. But please, if you wish to – come along… Did I write that with a British accent, or did it mean something else?

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We will (in our opinion) be FULLY QUALIFIED to help you plan your Virgin Voyage directly upon our return. Give us a call 815-516-0300. We’ll be back in the office on 10/18/2021

Disclaimer: We were gifted this cruise for completing the Virgin Voyages Brand agent training program. But you can count on us to deliver our authentic opinions - always! Additionally, there are posts throughout our blog that we may benefit from in one way or another..


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