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Cabo San Lucas – Whale Watching – Two Points of View


Land’s End & Lovers Beach – Cabo San Lucas

In 2014 we went on a cruise with Rob’s Mom and Sister.  For the most part we went to the same places and did the same things – I always find it amusing that there are so many different points of view…  Julia is very organized and always keeps a trip log and I rely on my emotions and vivid pictorial memory.  We have different personalities and look at life in different ways.  Here is our experience side by side proving that everyone can enjoy the same experience – just in a different way.  One of the reasons we LOVE cruising so much!

Julia’s Trip Log – Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas – Got a tender to the harbor. There were flocks of gulls begging for food. They were duly rewarded by some fishing boats. The seals shamelessly beg because they’ve been well-trained they’ll get food, and they did…which was entertaining until Lynn pointed out the seal that was unconscious or dead from being hit by a boat. There were little crabs on the rocks near the tidal pools.

Got the boat for a whale watching cruise. Past the arch and Land’s End into the Sea of Cortez. Blue, blue water and whales. You just need to look for the bubbles from the blowhole and then the rest of the whale comes up. Only spotted about 5-6 whales. Rob was disappointed because a whale didn’t do a complete breach and kiss him on the nose.

Came back and explored the harbor area that had a little arts and crafts market. I was surprised at the extent of the unfinished buildings. Guess the drop in tourism from the drug violence even reached the most popular Mexico tourist destinations. Julia Belles

Lynn’s Recollection – Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas – Got an early tender to the harbor!    The seals chase boats looking for food, and then they get hurt!!  omg…  We noticed this on the tender trip to shore for our Whale Watching Tour.  We purchased this tour from Norwegian Cruise Line. We had a great time on the Whale Watching Cruise – it was an all you can drink open bar event!  Just in case you don’t see any Whales they want you to be happy and feel like you got your money’s worth of something…. right?  Since the Whales don’t charge for their performance the tourism company can spend on the bar!  They had anything you could have possibly wanted.

We met some people from Chicago – and I have been ever since wishing we had recorded their contact info!  They were fun.  The scenery is beautiful, and it was interesting to see the ocean side of the Arch!  It looks a lot different…  We call it “Mother Nature’s Architecture” and I was happy with it and the cocktails!  The cruise was GREAT, well worth it, we recommend it! When we returned to Cabo San Lucas from our Whale Watching Cruise Rob needed to find a bathroom, so I sat down to watch some fisherman clean the day’s catch! What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo, unless your sweet husband finds you and takes you back to the ship – lol. When Rob returned he couldn’t find me….  but a nice lady pointed him to me.  He helped me up and walked back to the tender line with me – – – lol!  Rob and I had plenty to drink at the open bar and made some friends too!  The next morning I discovered that I had sat in bird poop with my white shorts! That’s OK – my Amway will get it out 🙂


 At Home After the Cabo San Lucas Cruise!

I get a little crazy about the quality of my Amway Products!!  Don’t know what I would do without them…..  Here’s what happens on the flip side of our trip – the unpack and clean up!  Oh – and I don’t always do it right away….  It will wait for you – you know?  I don’t exactly need all those summer clothes for quite a while…..

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