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Cabo San Lucas Whales Season – Day 3

Mother Nature’s Architecture

We woke up in CABO WABO!! I just love this place! It is Cabo San Lucas Whales Season.  Cabo is part of the most scenic stretch of the Mexican Riviera at the most southern point of the California Baja Peninsula. The Norwegian Star is dropping anchor in the harbor at the mouth of the Sea of Cortez. Today we will “Tender” to shore.

The term “Tender” refers to a smaller boat that belongs to the big ship that is used to service the ship. You may know that a large ship carries enough life boats to accommodate the passengers and crew in the case of an emergency evacuation. Several of these boats are also used to transport passengers to shore at locations where there isn’t a pier. We appreciate that we are able to visit these places. Usually these places are among the most unique places, less commercial, more quaint – but Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the Baja Peninsula is a popular very busy place.  The ship is getting the Tenders ready to go!

Today we will tender to shore where we will join a tour taking us out to sea where the whales are migrating! The tour promises unlimited chips and salsa – and Rum Punch! Some passengers have already reported whale sightings from the ship!!   Way cool!   I am Excited!

Our tour tickets were delivered to our cabin prior to our arrival because we booked the tour online from home. They state a time and meeting place here on the ship. We will report there and our tour group will be tendered to shore together.

Meanwhile I decided to get started typing…. Found a beautiful spot on an upper deck in the sun! There is just enough shade to make it possible to see my monitor! In fact it’s a perfect spot for a panoramic photo!!

OK – here we go!  We were directed to meet in the Stardust Theater at 10:30 am where our group would be called to be the first group off the ship!  Booking a Shore Tour is a great way to get yourself off the ship early at Tendered Ports!  We get to go first – while others wait in line.

Here we GO!

Watch your step!  They really get it done!  Everyone gets on and finds a seat quickly and off we go!  On the ride to shore we watched a fishing boat sharing some treats with a sea lion!  He would come almost into the back of the boat for the hand fed treat!!  It would happen so fast that I never did get a photo!

When we reached the pier – we were directed over to another big tourism boat at the end of the pier called the Cabo Rey!  The crew welcomed us aboard and began serving drinks right away.  They were using top shelf ingredients and you could get a Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, Rum Punch – you name it they would make it!!  OH NO!!

I took a lot of photos and we met some new friends, a couple from Chicago!  I gave them a card so they could find us on Facebook!!  I sure hope they turn up – we had fun – I liked them a lot.  We have many friends that we have met on trips – we keep in touch on Facebook making our life just generally more enriched!

Anyway – we had a great day in the sun.  After the scenic drive past the famous rock formations they took us up into the Sea of Cortez where we did see Whales – WOW!  It was a LUCKY day!   Check out the Gallery!  Too many to narrate!  If you are visual like me pictures will be better anyway!  Be sure to click into them some are really beautiful!

Sorry no pictures of Whales!!  It happens so fast!  You don’t want to miss it trying to photograph it!  You all will just have to go there yourselves.

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Tomorrow is a Sea Day……………………..

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