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Caught in the Loop of a Lifetime? Find out if you have “I Need a Vacation” Symptoms

Maybe you recognize them right away.  There is a lack of “Blue Space” in your life.  You are a balancing act, in a place with no water, carefully ticking time away – Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner – Bed – Repeat….  Maybe you need to be reminded that you are experiencing “I need a Vacation Symptoms”! 

i need a vacation

Many of us live our lives in “automation mode”, waking up at the same time each day, and going through a ritual of activities.  These activities include preparation for our day, the things we do during our day, and then the closure of our day. We live by the time on a clock.  After a while the days run together and our minds become stuck in a continuous loop, experiencing week after week, month after month and year after year, just like the hands of the clock, in a continuous loop…  Have you ever wondered where the time went?  If so you are caught in the loop of life.  You are likely experiencing many “I need a Vacation Symptoms”!

I need a Vacation Symptom List



Restless Sleep


Inability to Focus – Brain Fog

Lack of Motivation or Creativity


Do YOU have a lack of “Blue Space”? Do you need to heal your mind?  You might be ungrounded.  The human body is an electrical system.  Which is the reason why a pacemaker helps some people.  Why wait until you need a pacemaker?  Get to the Sea and take off your shoes!  As you wade into the earth’s water envision that you are connecting yourself to the grounding energy of the earth, the water that encircles the entire globe.  Feel the calmness, relax into your body.  Bury your feet in the sand and feel the sensation.  If you pay attention you can! You many not have noticed it before. Think I am CRAZY?  Read what this medical doc has to say on her Blog:

This is exactly why “Blue Space” makes a difference!  It is the POWER of the Sea – that encompasses the entire EARTH!

What are you waiting for?

Do you have a Vacation Deficiency?

Don’t believe me?

I challenge you.

Do believe me?


The most level headed, happy, easy going, grounded people on earth live by a large body of WATER, a Deep source of water, or the Sea!

“Go to the WATER and find your inner PEACE!”

Do it often or you can’t be good at your profession. It doesn’t matter if you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Taxi Driver, Construction Worker, Architect, Custodian or anything else!! A regular vacation is like a reset button! You unplug – and plug back in.  Turn OFF and back ON.  Take your shoes OFF find your ground – reconnect.      Then – Live happily ever after….

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