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Complimentary 2016 Calendar – Travel Like an Architect™


Sign up to receive a Complimentary 2016 Calendar!  Belles Architecture and Belles World Travel would love to give you a free Architectural Calendar mailed directly to you! It’s totally true, you won’t even be asked to pay the postage! A combination of Architecture planning and Travel planning – including a full year of savings offers! Travel Like an Architect™ – Make GREAT Plans!


Since 1995 Belles Architecture has produced a FREE Architectural Calendar Annually. For the first time our 2016 Architectural Calendar combines our two planning business together!  It is an Architects Portfolio of Work AND Architecture of the world by Travel Professionals, organized for your enjoyment throughout the year.  Look carefully for a new Travel incentive each month!   The clients we feature represent typical types of Architectural work that we do and we hope it reminds you to call or send a referral throughout the year as your need arises!  The travel photos featured are personally shot by us on our most recent Travel Like an Architect™ trip!  We hope they inspire you to call Belles World Travel to book your next Vacation!

Calendar Images Defined

A1 – GiGi’s Playhouse – Expansion, build out and remodel. Our favorite cause the Down Syndrome Achievement Center in Machesney Park was bursting at the seams!  Fortunately their landlord was more than willing to make more room for them in the existing location.  We generated construction documents for them at no cost.  What a cool place this is!  See for yourself – click HERE

A2 – A Winery on the Pacific Coast of Mexico – Everything is better with fine wine and we would love to share with you one of the coolest most progressive food, wine and beer places in the world that almost nobody knows about – The Valle Region of the Mexican Rivera.  Rob found their Vena Cava Winery in an Architecture Magazine touting it’s exercise in recycling.  Read more HERE at our Travel Blog – Travel Like an Architect™  If you would love to go there – give Belles Travel a call! 815-516-0300

A3 – Sahara Air Products & Henderson Engineering – A new heavy Industrial / Manufacturing Addition in Sandwich, IL – A 25,000 square foot new manufacturing addition to a 26,000 square foot existing manufacturing building. Total completed campus of 89,000 square feet. This is the first addition to this 1890’s industrial complex since 1953. It was comprised of large 50′ bay’s with a 40′ eave height. There are two 50′ wide, 30 ton cranes, and 16-15 ton jib cranes. The building also accommodates a paint booth, and sand blast booth that are nearly 40′ tall, and can be accessed using the 30 ton rail cranes. There are 14′ wide by 16′ tall grade overhead doors as well as offices, break and toilet rooms, and a double recessed truck dock for shipping of the LARGE final product – air dryers.  Read more at their Website –

The more closely we look at our portfolio of work the more prominent our industrial and manufacturing work is, in fact you might even say it was our specialty.  Time and time again our industrial clients return for yet another addition – this year marks our 75th design build project with Building Systems Inc. We aren’t just bragging, our relationship with BSI is solid and directly benefits our clients!

A4 – The Basic Architectural Elements of Ephesus – I studied Ephesus in Architecture School and have always wanted to see it.  These shapes are literally carved in stone at the beginning of architectural time, and are still being used today.  To study the evolution of our built environment one really must travel.  It is through travel that we can see, feel, touch and truly understand.  We all have something that we have always wanted to see – What’s on your bucket list?  How can I help you get there?  Cruise travel is a Great way to see a lot in a short period of time!  Start Shopping TODAY!

A5 – Dunkin Donuts & Jim Michalsen Jr. – Machesney Park, IL – Master Planning for a 6.5 acre existing planned mixed use development. Earlier, we completed a complete gut, remodel, and reconfiguration of an existing 70,000 square foot abandoned grocery store into six retail tenant spaces. This project is the first permanent outbuilding proposed for the property. It consists of a 2,000 square foot Dunkin Donuts and a 1,200 square foot car sales and detailing building. Preliminary Site Plan drawings must be approved by the property owner, each out lot tenant, the Franchise, and three governmental entities. It was an involved back-and-forth process that is now waiting for financing.

A6 – A Dome in Jerusalem Israel – A massive replacement dome was installed over the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem Israel in 1960 over one of the legendary graves of Christ. My father and grandfather were Lutheran ministers – and so I am very fond of liturgical architecture – but I never knew that all of the places in Jerusalem where biblical events took place were really not identified or enshrined until 200 and some years after the death of Christ – really makes you wonder how accurate it all is. We visited Jerusalem in October of 2015 and would describe it as a Religious Disneyland.  Always wanted to go?  An Azamara cruise is a great way to get there!  Give us a Call.  815-516-0300  or Shop Online at our Luxury Travel Site –

A7 – FPM Heat Treating – Cherry Valley, IL – A small, but complex remodeling project to accommodate a new heat treating press. Two existing recessed docks, one interior dock, and the associated warehouse space were reconfigured to accommodate a heat treating press. Work involved raising the roof 4′-0″ on the center third of the space, removing a portion of wall between buildings, extending charge car rails from the existing building into the new, filling in the dock doors, and creating a 1,500 gallon recessed containment pit for the furnace cooling oil. This project was our fourth for this customer in 15 years. To lean more about FPM visit their website at:

We hope you enjoy our FREE Calendar every year.  Don’t feel bad about asking us to send one to you – we used to send out thousands but decided to do it this way to make sure we weren’t wasting trees!  If you LOVE our Calendar we would LOVE for you to have one!  Just click the button above and sign up to receive a paper copy in the mail.

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