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Convincing Your Partner to Cruise: A Voyage Beyond Resistance

Updated: 2 days ago

This post is in the "Wisdom" category here at Travel Like an Architect. I hope it inspires you to reach out by completing the the exercise below.

Back in April I was speaking to our Tax Preparer. I had a few things to wrap up after our 2023 taxes were filed. Last year she went on two cruise vacations with her family members after the tax season was over, but she couldn't convince her husband to go. She said that more recently he was starting to sound like he could be persuaded. So, She asked me to suggest some potential cruises for the two of them. But I don't know her husband at all - so I have to get inside her head to learn about him first! How can I tempt him with the perfect Cruise Vacation if I don't know anything about him? Convincing your partner to cruise can be a tricky feat. People have all kinds of preconceived ideas. Some even experienced a bad cruise match in the past.

Convincing your partner to cruise:

You see, making a good match is the catch. It is what a travel advisor can do for you. A great travel advisor will be familiar with many different brands of "cruise experiences". They will know about many different destinations because they have been there themselves, or they have feedback from another client. They will have the proper expertise required to make a perfect match between you, a cruise brand and an itinerary. You are never going to convince someone to go unless you have a good match that they will believe meets or exceeds their expectations.

Knowing that I need more information - I followed up with a list of inspiring things to do in an email.. I also decided to share it here in case it would help you too.

Here is the assignment:

Read through the post, and look at the photos. Compile a list of things that would appeal to the person you want to convince, and send it off to us in an email to "" Include the First and Last Names of all potential travelers, their ages, their status as still working or retired, and how long can you be gone? We will send you up to 3 options that we believe are a good fit. No charge, except for the data listed above. By requesting our service you agree to be added to our email marketing list.


I would not be who I am if I did not ask "Has he/she ever said WOW look at that cool building?" If so, was it historical or modern?  Were you in a big city or small town? Old San Juan Puerto Rico is a fun place to wander in the Architecture..  I learned that I love "fortress’” there.  And to our surprise there was a lot of Art Deco Architecture...  We really need to return to Barcelona, Spain someday to experience more.  I also want to sit at a café in Rome with a bottle or so of red wine - to people watch, instead of running all over..  People watching is fun - anywhere in the world.. What Architecture do you want to see or do?

Beach Relaxation: ​

What is this person's idea of paradise, or the ultimate place to relax?  Every ship has a wonderful spa area that you can access for a fee.  When people like to utilize the Spa we may pick one ship over another..  We were once on a ship that had a "snow room" in the spa.

Beach at Grand Turk - Turks & Caicos
Grand Turk - Turks & Caicos, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - IMO

Cultural Experiences:

Would ​they enjoy immersing in local cultures, traditions, o​r festivals?​ What culture?  How would you describe it?  Island, Exotic, Mysterious, adventurous (like living on the edge of danger)..  One of my favorite places so far was Egypt, and I would consider it Adventurous from a cultural standpoint. Here are a few shots from various places in Egypt.

Nature and Wildlife:

I​s he/she drawn to nature's beauty, wildlife spotting, or scenic parks and reserves?  Is fishing or hunting something they enjoy?  It's truly hard to believe that the following photos were all shot on the same day - Patagonia in Argentina.

Mountainous Scene in Patagonia


Patagonia was truly the best Nature I have ever experienced!

Culinary Tours:

Would ​this person relish the opportunity to taste local cuisines and perhaps partake in cooking classes?​  All ships have kitchen tours because the kitchens that prepare food for thousands are fascinating.  Many upper end or luxurious cruises have Culinary themes and cooking classes on land or at sea. We love food and to try new things. So we often will snack or dine in a port of call.

Greek Anyone? (Santorini & Patmos)


Do​ they have an interest in exploring historical sites, ancient ruins, or museums?​  Think Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids, or the Fort in Old San Juan.  I feel like museums are like learning about history from a book - but the museum in Cairo Egypt was interesting, as was another in Peru. Here are some pics from Cairo!


Does he/she have ancestral heritage that they are proud of?  Is there some place related to that, that they have always wanted to go?  You can literally cruise anywhere there is water. The closest I have gotten to my ancestors homeland is Norway. I am American of Swedish decent. We are going back in the fall to Search for the Northern Lights. [affiliate link]

Adventure and Sports:

Does your potential cabin mate follow or participate in any Sports? Does zip-lining, snorkeling, hiking, or biking​ sound like anything they would do?​  How about Golf?  People love to golf in the Caribbean...  you know at those beautiful courses you see on TV.  I can honestly say I have never seen anyone checking in to the ship with their clubs.. but I haven't been on a golf themed cruise yet. In Flam Norway we did the longest zipline in Norway.

Wellness and Spa:

How about unwinding at a spa​ or retreat​?  In Canada Me, Rob and the kids went to an outdoor Spa while there was snow on the ground.  On Holland America Line ships the Retreat [convenience link] is a great value. Rob is looking for another outdoor spa experience at some place on our next Norway Cruise. [affiliate link]

La Source Bains Nordiques - Quebec

Art and Music:

Doe​s he or she appreciate art galleries, live music performances, or theater shows?​  If so what type? Cruise brands all have entertainment but the variety and flavor varies. Just today at lunch we heard a sampling of an Italian Opera Singer who is performing on an Atlas Ocean Voyages ship... To me that would be like torture. Some people LOVE it! On Virgin Voyages you can take a cruise with Boy George (and Sir Richard Branson). [affiliate link]

Shopping and Markets:

Would exclusive boutiques or bustling local markets catch ​their attention?​  We have a lot of crafty souvenirs we have purchased over the years. Lots of people like the European Christmas Markets on a River Cruise. I loved the spice market in Aswan Egypt! Yes, it's all sitting out in the open, sculpted into the shape of pyramids.

Spice Market in Aswan Egypt


Does this person enjoy taking pictures?  What do you think they would photograph?  Breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cityscapes​, or people? Underwater photography is also a thing. You can see what kind of photos we take. All of the photos in this post and most others are ours. Obviously our dive master took the photo below.

Scuba Diving Montserrat

Luxury and Pampering:

Would your potential cabin mate appreciate having the room tidied up and cleaned daily? Crew make your bed daily. They change the sheets every two days. They vacuum if necessary and neaten things up. They thoroughly clean the bathroom, replacing the used towels with clean. How about eating in a NICE restaurant with NO PRICES on the menu, at every meal?  We think that is one of the BEST THINGS! Something else that is luxurious in itself, is to travel slower (by ship). You know how they say "time is money"? If you have time to travel slower - you are rich, because it is relaxing and very enjoyable.

Sailing and Water Sports:

Is sailing, fishing, scuba diving, or other water sports activities of interest?​  Lots of people like boat rides of one type or another during a cruise.  I like the scenic rides with an open bar or snorkeling from a catamaran. I have heard of people going on a deep sea fishing excursion. My husband likes scuba diving. Grenada has been our best diving experience to date. Here are a few shots taken from boat tours.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico, Kas Turkey, Caribbean off Aruba


Any interest in travel that emphasizes conservation, sustainability, and learning about the environment? There are at least two tours in the Dominican Republic, Rey Papel & Cacao. Re Papel in Puerto Plata is a women's co-op that makes jewelry and handmade paper from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. There are also a growing number of women's cocoa cooperatives in the Dominican Republic that you can visit. Carnival and Princess & Holland America Line offer a Chocal excursion.


I​ always say that Travel teaches more by accident than anyone ever learned deliberately...  Most ships have speakers that give talks on this or that.  I remember a guy that pointed out constellations at night from an aft deck - we were in the Southern Hemisphere so everything was different.  On our Antarctica trip there was a Naturalist, Celia Garland on board.  She spoke daily on different topics related to the wildlife and nature that we would see on the trip.  She taught how to look for the whales, or all about penguins and how they mate for life. She was a particularly good story teller so her talks were very popular!

Theater on Celebrity Solstice - Nature Talk Antarctica

Wine​, Beer and Spirits:

Does discovering vineyards, wineries, or distilleries appeal to him/her?​ I have a client that really loved a Viking River Cruise during Oktoberfest in Germany.  There are many European River Cruises that have a Wine or Beer theme. If a person really enjoys adult beverages daily we also need to find a cruise deal with a beverage package for you. Some brands include them, but most charge extra. Pictured below are a couple of wineries in Ensenada Mexico (Baja Peninsula). Rob found Vena Cava in an Architecture magazine.

Festivals and Events:

Would local or international festivals and events be something ​you would like to experience?​ There are small "Carnival" celebrations on many Caribbean Islands..  but there is also Rio in Brazil, where you can experience the ultimate Carnival Celebration. The ship parks there for several days. You can attend Oktoberfest in Germany from a river cruise. You have to take a train to Munich from Basel or another disembarkation port.  Europe has Christmas Markets that are very popular.  My son in law is really into Formula 1 Racing - so we keep showing him cruises that go to Monte Carlo for the race..  Cruise lines are doing much more these days with destination events and timing..  At the same time people are learning how comfortable and luxurious it is to travel by ship.  

Romantic Getaways:

Are ​​you seeking a romantic destination or activities that cater to couples?​ Cruise travel is a great place to get your mind off of everyday worries, where you can let go and reconnect.  I assume you have shared with your potential cabin mate, how convenient cruising is, and about how you don't live out of a suitcase, or travel on a bus..  Also share that you don't have to spend ANY money in port unless you want to..  Everything you need is available on the ship. Virgin Voyages offers adult only cruises.  [affiliate link] On a Virgin Voyage, everything that happens onboard is intended for adults. Sure let your imagination run wild - Sir Richard Branson is at the helm! He is known for doing everything differently!

​Use this post as inspiration to tell me about yourself and your partner and I will come up with some persuasive selection ideas that appeal to both of you..

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