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Egypt Virgins? – Yep!

We are Egypt Virgins, that’s for sure – meaning we have never set foot on Egyptian “sand” before. But we are losing our virginity soon – wanna watch? Open your “New Post Email” most days during our trip for a virtual Egyptian experience!

Other than Pyramids and other ancient architecture, we don’t know quite what to expect. But deep down we know our first Egypt trip is going to be life changing. That is why I am setting up this new blog so that we can use it to track every step of our trip and share it with you. Our first trip to Egypt is a Travel Agent “FAM”!  FAM stands for “Familiarization” and we are going with a group of Travel Agents.  People tell us we are supposed to be scared of Egypt, but we’re not.  To us it looks like the time of our lives! Get an idea of what kind of things we will see and do by watching the video! Click the Link in blue below! We will not only be getting Familiar with Egypt itself, we will be getting to know some tourism people who will help us put together future trips for our clients. These people will  show us the Best Egypt has to offer and introduce us to experiences like a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings, and a Carriage Ride in the ancient city of Aswan. Some, from a cruise sailing up the Nile River! Our tour will be guided by Egyptomania Luxury Tours, who has arranged everything except our international flight.  An Egyptologist will accompany our group throughout our time there, sharing their deep understanding of Egypt’s past, present and future!  As part of this we will be experiencing Egyptian Culture in an authentic setting with real Egyptian people. Upon completion of the Travel Agent FAM trip Rob and Lynn will set out on their own to navigate a public round trip flight to a neighboring town on the Red Sea with Egypt Air. A relaxing day will be spent on a Snorkel Tour flanked by two nights in a Luxury resort. Kind of like a test at the end of the familiarization course….. When we return we will no longer be Egypt Virgins! We will be all ready to set something up for you, utilizing our new connections. There will be opportunities for you to put together your own group. There will be options accompanied by us, or you will be able to go it alone with our expert guidance and booking assistance. Our Egypt trip blogging will begin September 7, 2017 when we travel to Chicago Ohare, and board our flight with Royal Jordanian Air to Amman Jordan, where we will have a short layover before continuing on to Cairo! Until then visit our old Blog to find out what we are doing to prepare, and to see the planned itinerary! Oops – I almost forgot!  We ordered the coolest thing to enhance our ability to remain Connected!! It’s a device that will create a wifi hotspot anywhere we go!

Want one for yourself?  Make your purchase by clicking the “Learn More” button, use the coupon code TLAACONNECTED and get 3 Days of FREE Wifi + 10% Discount! Skeptical?  Follow us on Facebook – to see it work!  Think: Live Video – 360° Camel Ride to the Pyramids of Giza – Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Valley of the Kings – Cruise the Nile River!

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