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Family Vacation Deals & The Magic Dates! – Travel Like an Architect™

God I love this Guy!

Another summer is winding down…

Did you get away with your family like you planned? Maybe a camping trip – or weekend at the Dells? I used to think that only wealthy families got to go on real vacations. I knew lots of families that went to Florida, or to a lake house, or a campground. I guess that was the thing to do – like you know you made it when. And then I met Rob who introduced me to cruising.

Their First Cruise!

Cruising can be a great vacation deal!

We began cruising as a couple on our honeymoon and soon we were taking the kids along. We learned that certain dates were really affordable. The first cruise with kids was just 5 nights to “test the waters” – pun intended. We booked it the week after 9-11 when nobody wanted to travel and the prices plummeted! We soon learned that cruising was affordable because cruise lines don’t make their profit on the basic booking – that being accommodations and food. All their profit is made on gambling, alcoholic beverages, shore excursions, and other purchases on the ship. So if you don’t gamble or drink adult beverages on the ship and you venture out on your own in ports of call – it is truly one of the best Vacation Deals. Some cruise lines even have FREE kids either as a promotion or all the time!

Another thing we did to cut the cost of our trips was to take kids out of school to travel during dates that were less expensive, taking advantage of vacation deals,

like hurricane season, the week before Christmas and Thanksgiving (excluding the actual holiday date), and in early May when school is not out yet but the weather in north America is nice. Since there are fewer people willing to travel then the price is drastically cheaper and great vacation deals are plentiful!

Look at the difference between a date when college students are still in school and a date when the semester has ended.

Look at the difference in pricing if you go at the beginning of December

when everyone else is busy prepping for the holiday!

By taking advantage of these magic dates we have been all over the world. Our daughter Susan has been to South America-twice, Europe-twice and to most of the Caribbean Islands at least once. Unfortunately the older daughter got gypped. At some point she was off to college and we continued traveling without her. Sorry Amy……  It is worth a mention that on one of our cruises we discovered Old San Juan Puerto Rico. We fell in love with it and returned with BOTH the kids for a whole week-right after Christmas. This was the only time we have done a non-cruise vacation – and to get a comparable Vacation Deal we had to rent an apartment, bring some food and do our own cooking. Not like a vacation at all – just living away from home. Are you vacationing or just living away from home? Parents – do a little research and compare what you are spending on small vacations – you may find that you can Travel Like an Architect™ too, in style and luxury without breaking the bank!  You can even pay for your cruise with Free Financing. We have some great Vacation deals.

The only thing better is winning a free one.  Enter today!

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