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fathom Impact Travel Version 2.0

Yes, fathom Impact Travel continues as the new “updated” fathom version 2.0.

What this means is they no longer have an entire ship of people doing Impact Travel and Personal Growth Seminars.   Instead, fathom has partnered with Princess Cruises – the Original LOVE BOAT – to bring us some select dates for a select group of people.  Those people will get the Princess Experience AND the fathom Impact Opportunity.

You MUST call us to get the fathom Impact Travel Activities!! 

You can book the cruise on our website, if you want, but we will have to add the fathom Impact Activities.

Eastern Caribbean May 26th & Aug 18th Cruises Starting From: $599*

Western Caribbean June 30th & July28th Cruises Starting From: $698*

Eastern Explorer November 17th Cruises Starting From: $919*

*Fares based on featured departure date(s). Fares on other dates may vary.  Taxes, Fees, and Port Expenses of up to $135 per traveler in addition.

There is a $200, one time fee upfront, in addition to your cruise fare,  for the complete on-board and on-shore experience which  includes ALL** Fathom shore excursions. **Depending on the itinerary, up to 3 Fathom experiences included per traveler.   Credits for shore excursions to be shown on final folio in the form of on-board credit.

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