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Go #BeyondBorders – Choose Celebrity Cruises – Travel Like an Architect™

In a world full of noise where everyone is worried about what everyone else thinks and many are afraid to join in the conversation for fear of losing a customer or offending an employee…  Celebrity Cruises is stepping out into the political arena with a stance. Tonight during the first 2016 presidential debate Celebrity Cruises will courageously launch their “Sail Beyond Borders” campaign! Lynn and Rob Belles of Travel Like an Architect™ are proud to stand with them! Since “fear” is running our world and is literally for sale at every turn – we are stepping up to the plate to make sure everyone knows that we are playing on Celebrity’s Team this 2016 election year!  We are voting for World PEACE!  We are voting against a WALL. We are voting here and now by publishing our opinion.  #BeyondBorders


We encourage you to do the same.

It is time we ALL started to put our money where our heart is!  To buy from and promote the companies that are doing what is right and at the same time crippling those who are not.  We have the power.  It is called the power of humanity. It is the power to join together in this global effort right now TODAY!

We can – purchase from, and promote for, the right brands.

We can – let our voice be heard, yes even, or especially our “Business Voice”!

We can – set an example for what we believe in – we can Travel Internationally to show others that it’s safe.

We can – VOTE!  But first we have to register

We can – Like, Share, and Comment even if we are not US Citizens – and it always makes me so happy to see our international friends working our elections!! They do it because they know how important it is to the world. This is an amazing quality of the world we live in – where the connections that we all have to one another through the internet are boundary-less!

Thank you to our global friends everywhere!

If you are a US Citizen – and have international friends – ask them about their point of view, it might surprise you!

A year ago, if you’d told me that encouraging people to travel the world was a “political statement,” I’d have been speechless. Exploring the world, encountering cultures, befriending people from other places — to me, that’s learning and growing. That’s life, that’s common sense. That’s the very best part of the business we’re in.Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, CEO Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises says:

We Believe In Opening The World. Far from the talk of building walls. Far from the threats of keeping people out. Far from the rhetoric of fear, is a world of difference. Differences that don’t limit us, but expand and enrich us. They remind us that we live in a world where anything is possible. At Celebrity Cruises, we choose to sail beyond borders.”

If you have never traveled internationally before, cruise travel is a great way to start. When you cruise the ship is your home. Everyone speaks English. You are provided with everything you need. We began cruising many years ago, because it is safe, convenient and affordable – we fell in love with it and likely will never travel another way. We have friends all over the globe!  Friends we met through international travel on and off the ship. Subscribe to be notified of new posts – and learn more about why we love International Cruise Travel!

Help us get the message out about Celebrity Cruises Campaign

“Sail Beyond Borders”

Please Like, Comment & Share

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”  Mark Twain

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