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Got Vacation Plans?

CAD drawing screenshot

You know the moment. It is right near the completion of Construction Blueprints for a client. That long Thursday when the push is on to complete the job. You have long since put in your 40 hours. You check your email and yet another change has been ordered by the client. You begin wondering if the project will ever be built…. Then reality sets in. That job is not going out on Friday like you had planned, and a Cruise Line add pops up in the sidebar!

cruise vacation for an architect

A Cruise Advertisement intended to tempt an Architect!

You just can’t help but “click” – because you know deep down inside that you really need that vacation. Time to relax and unwind, enjoy your family and explore the Architecture of a new destination each day. Because that is why you became an Architect. Because you were inspired by the work of all the fascinating Architects who came before you. You browse around a bit, long enough to decide that the task is way more than you have time for….. There is amazing architecture everywhere and you have seen so little of it. So you click on the “contact us” button on the Belles World Travel Website and fill out the form.

In just a few hours, three AMAZING Vacation options land in your inbox!

Cruise Vacation

Azamara Club Cruises 17 Night Route of the Frankincense October 28, 2017

cruise vacation

Celebrity Cruises 15 Night Chile & Argentina Holiday December 24, 2016

cruise vacation

Azamara Club Cruises 12 Night Baltic & World Cup June 29, 2018

And if you just can’t see yourself being able to break away, or find the money, maybe you would take some work with you on this one!  Selected by Architect Rob for the longer itinerary with Sea Days for working!

Architect's Cruise vacation

Architect’s Choice Cruise

It will be really hard to choose because they ALL seem perfect!

Like that Architect / Travel Agent could read your mind! You forward the email to your spouse. By the end of the day on Friday your next Vacation is BOOKED! Suddenly a smile appears on your face and you have a reason to work! Something to look forward to, destinations to study together, and shopping to do!  Because you are an Amazing Architect too! One who knows the value of taking time to recharge and be inspired by the work of others…. How to Travel Like an Architect™ !

Vacations change everything – Before, During AND After!

What are you waiting for?

Give your Vacation Architects Lynn or Rob a call today! 815-516-0300

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