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Greece + Turkey, Israel and Egypt - Seriously?

This post describes an opportunity for you to Travel With an Architect™ yep - that's us!


We always keep our readers informed of what trip is next, in case you want to tag along. This one is really "out there" as of the post date, but it is a sure thing so we want you to feel welcome to join us. Not traveling until October of 2023. We don't conduct tours but will be glad to share our expertise and give guidance during the trip like your own personal hosts! We will make ourselves available to you during the cruise. You will have our contact info ability to communicate.

Of course we also want you to book through us. So here is a link to the pricing options that are available. [affiliate link] The best time to book a cruise is actually way in advance, like this. By doing so you get the best offers and also the best selection of rooms. In this case - it's even better because our deal was contracted prior to cruise line policy change on inclusive amenities! We have them all! Anyone booking directly with Celestyal will now pay extra for them! What are they?

  • Unlimited Classice Drinks (wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks, specialty coffee Etc..)

  • Two Shore Excursions per week

  • Entertainment onboard

  • Gratuities

Call to book - You can't do this one online because we have special group rates. But trust me - thats a GOOD THING! We sailed with Celestyal back in 2019, only months prior to the Pandemic outbreak. We have been trying to sail with them again EVER SINCE! We have to wait until October of 2023 for the Itinery that we want! Greek Islands + Israel and Egypt!

Rob and I are going for two weeks. You can choose one week, the other week, or both weeks. I can tell you that it's a long way to travel for a short one week experience. But if that is what you CAN DO - DO IT!

Steps of St. Paul Three Continents

The first week you will sail away from Athens Greece. The itinerary features two Greece mainland stops, combined with Istanbul and two additional Turkish ports, plus the island of Patmos Greece!


One of the Turkish ports is Kusadasi (the ancient city of Ephesus from Biblical times). It is written that St. John wrote the book of Revalations in a cave on Patmos. Yes - you can visit "the cave" which is now a church.. this cruise will return to the home port of Athens. Some guests will disembark, and others will stay on!

The second week the ship will high tail it all the way down to Egypt. Then experience Alexandria and Cairo, in one long day. Yes you will see the Pyramids of Giza!

Then the ship will sail on to Cyprus, then Rhodes Greece, and Kusadasi before returing to Athen's again. (note: Kusadasi is repeated so you can see more there) In Rhodes we will visit Periklis Sirimis' [convenience link] Byzantine Icon Painting shop. He has personally invited us! I'm sure he will do a demonstration of the icon painting he does. His work is part of Greek Orthodox churches all over the world! It's truly fascinating! He even made me a video invite!

These are BOTH fabulous itineraries! Your private hosts, Lynn and Rob Belles have been to all of these places before so we are very familiar with the customs and expectations. We think you are going to WANT to do both. And you have almost a year to save up and accumulate the time off! For whatever it's worth final payment for your cruise will be due August 22nd of 2023!


We are holding space on this ship and sail date! Remember that I told you above that the best time to book is way in advance? Our cruise space available to book is "all inclusive". The Celestyal Brand has changed it's "all inclusive policy" - and the only way you can buy the cruise including all beverages, alcholoic and specialty, plus TWO free shore excursions each week, is to book with an agency holding space! WE GOT YOU! But, we only have 8 rooms left! When they're gone - they're gone!

The pricing is unbelievable! Click to see it here

[affiliate link]

Only a $300.00 per stateroom fully refundable

deposit is required to hold your spot!

Call: 815-516-0300


Disclaimer: at we wear many hats. If you happen upon a link within our blog here or at other linked sites, and you click it there is a possibility we could financially benefit from that. As of late I have been marking them right in the content as either [affiliate link] or [convenience link]. We benefit financially from a purchase made at an [affiliate link]. A [convenience link] is just for your convenience. It is our greatest hope that the things we share are of great value to you! As always our opinions are our own and we always aspire to be an authentic voice.


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