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Headed to the Bottom of the World

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

This post outlines a Celebrity Cruises 14 Night Antartica Itinerary. It is our next adventure sailing with a brand we just LOVE! We will spend lots of relaxing time on the ship. We will eat in the fancy restaurants, and enjoy the shows! We will take lots of pictures of scenery abound! We hope you will follow along. We promise to share daily posts on Instagram of Nature and the city life in these exotic places.

For us this is a well deserved vacation. 2022 was an emotionally challenging year. Alot of work and a bit of family drama. Just enough to keep our minds distracted and hearts a bit sad. It's all okay. We get up and we go again, just the two of us. As always it will be a GREAT trip.

What a wonderful experience cruise travel is - ESPECIALLY for families. My family will probably never go but your's could. The ship offers the comforts of home and visits places that would otherwise be tricky to get to. There is a doctor onboard, and everything else you might possibly need. Activities to satisfy every desire from quiet time in a book room to theater shows, fine dining, varieties of live music, and late nights at the disco. This itinerary will add a continent, Antartica, and two countries Argentina and Uruguay, to our "been there" list. And that's pretty amazing too!

I made my grandkids this map they can use to follow our trip. I am hoping that some day they will want to come along with us. It is very affordable to add a 3rd and 4th guest to any stateroom category. I hope I can teach them that they would have fun!

  • The "flight map" shows them graphically that we will fly to Buenos Aires. In reality it is two flights with a stop in Miami..

  • The next map tips the globe to the "Bottom of the World" so they can see the region we will be cruising and match it up with an even closer zoom to the Itinerary itself.

  • The itinerary shows via arrows the direction of the cruise travel.

I will have it mounted on a board and deliver it to them with a push-pin that they can move daily as Mom helps them understand where we are. There are notes about the itinerary that will help them to learn more - kind of like a geography lesson. I think that a kid of any age could follow it - with or without the right amount of help. Message me if you would like the pdf. (shown below) Anyone can follow - you know - kids of all ages!


Thursday February 9th we Fly to Buenos Aires. We leave at night, arrive in the morning of 2/10/23. We spend that day (Friday the 10th) seeing Buenos Aires with a friend who lives there.

Day 1, Saturday 2/11/23 we get on the Celebrity Infinity Cruise Ship

We will have wifi on the ship so if you are available we will show you around!

Day 2, Sunday 2/12/23 a relaxing day at sea. We will sleep in, eat breakfast prepared and served by another, and lounge around by the pool to recover from our travels.

Day 3, Monday 2/13/23 we will be enjoying the ship in warmish weather on the way to Ushuaia Argentina.

Day 4, Tuesday 2/14/23 Valentines Day we will also be cruising.. still on the way to Ushuaia but it's getting colder outside.

Day 5, Wednesday 2/15/23 we will arrive in Ushuaia at 10 in the morning. We will stay there until 10 at night. We plan to hike at Tierra Del Fuego National Park, and we will have dinner at Ushuaia since our ship doesn't sail until 10pm.

Ushaia is called "the end of the earth" because it is the furthest south you can go on the continent of South America. It is the town at the end of the PanAmerican Highway. While there we will hike at Tierra Del Fuego National Park [convenience link] a UNESCO site. UNESCO sites are the best of the best destinations in the world! Tierra Del Fuego means the Land (Tierra) of the (del) Fire (Fuego). It was called that by early spanish explorers who while sailing by, saw the fires (because it is always COLD), lit by the local indigenous people. It is part of a region called Patagonia that is shared by Chile & Argentina.

Day 6, Thursday 2/16/23 we will be cruising in the waters of Cape Horn - very rough water meaning lots of waves! The ship will bounce around. We have a reservation at Le Petit Chef on the ship! Watch the video to see what it is!

Day 7, Friday 2/17/23 we will be cruising the Schollart Channel - at Antartica a new continent for us. Later that day we will be cruising at Paradise Bay, and then Gerlache Strait - we will see icebergs, snow and maybe penguins & whales or dolphins. Watch Instagram [convenience link] for realtime photos. Maybe we will see that iceberg that just broke off last week!

Day 8, Saturday 2/18/23 we will be at Elephant Island in the Falkland Islands.

Day 9, Sunday 2/19/23 we will be cruising on our way to Port Stanley at the Falkland Islands

Day 10, Monday 2/20/23 we finally get off the ship again at Port Stanley - Gypsy Cove

Port Stanley is part of the Faulkland Islands. In 1982 there was a 10 day war between England and Argentina. Argentia belives this island, located a few miles from Argentina, belongs to their country. England, 8000 miles away thinks they won the war so it belongs to them. Who do you think this island should belong to?

We are also going to see Gypsy Cove and Berthas Beach. We will see King, Gentoo and Magellanic penguins. A group of penguins is a rookery. There are estimated to be 1000 penguins there. Is that a LOT of penguins? Maybe we will text you a picture.

Later that day we will visit the City of Port Stanley.

Day 11, Tuesday 2/21/23 we will be cruising on our way back to Argentina - enjoying entertainment & restaurants on the ship.

Day 12, Wednesday 2/22/23 we will be hanging out with Penguins and Sea Lions at Puerto Madryn Argentina, and then exploring the town.

Day 13, Thursday 2/23/23 we will be cruising on our way to Montevideo Uraguay - another new country for us. Yeah Us! We will be up to 49 Countries and 6 Continents, all but Australia.

Day 14, Friday 2/24/23 we arrive at Montevideo, Uruguay.

Montevideo is known for Art Deco and Colonial Architecture. It is just across the bay from Buenos Aries, where one of our son in laws is from. There is a BIG fort there. We will do a self guided winery tour so we can walk around and enjoy the architecture - maybe with some new friends from the ship!

Day 15, Saturday 2/25/23 we will wake up back in Buenos Aires - where we will have some time to kill before flying home late that night.

Sunday 2/26/23 we hope to be on the 10 am bus back to Rockford.

What a fabulous educational experience this would be for a kid! Since I am a life long learner I will enjoy it too! Since I can't book my family I would LOVE to book your's. Perhaps you will start with a Caribbean Cruise for everyone to get their sea legs. But after that no one can stop you from visiting the remote areas of the world where there is mostly - just water!

Where do you want to go?

At this [affiliate link] You can DIY, or let me know what you are thinking and I will offer you my booking services and expert advice! No extra charge - EVER! No worries - our site is connected to most cruise lines for live inventory and availability so if you book there you are booking direct but we will receive a commission.

That's all for now... I have a lot to do between

now and February 9th!

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