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How to Make Your Travel Dreams Come True in 2018

Is a beautiful and romantic vacation on your bucket list in 2018?

Where will your Travel Dreams Take you?

What destination is waiting for you? No doubt you have a vision of what it will be.  You have something in mind that you have always dreamed of.  There is something you want to do that your friends or co workers have done. You’ve seen their pictures and heard their stories.

Go ahead, Let yourself Believe.

Stop saying “I can’t” for whatever reason…  Believe that you will, and then start making the plans. TODAY is the day you should start planning it.  Like magic, you will find yourself there!

Maybe you will wake up in Hawaii – With a beautiful view of the Beach.

Hawaii Travel Agent

Or maybe you crave an experience with nature like the Volcanos.

See the Volcanoes in Hawaii

Is the Architecture of Europe calling your name?

European River Cruise

How about Paris?  The city of Romance…

Always dreamed of seeing Paris?

Perhaps you will wake up in Egypt like I did. Let me tell you the story.

Is Egypt on your Bucket List?

Last spring Architect Rob and I were having our morning hot tub “us time” on the back patio, when I mentioned “I would love to visit Egypt some day”…  Rob said “me too”. By that afternoon an opportunity had popped up and we committed to joining a group traveling to Egypt in September!  It was a matter of hours between the admission of our desire and its delivery to us!  Isn’t that cool?

Maybe a relaxing and romantic luxury cruise is what you have always dreamed of, having him all to yourself for 14 days (or more!)

Have your guy all to yourself - Lynn and Rob Belles

January, February and March are the months when most travel is booked.  The people who plan now get the best selection of promotional offers and discount deals.

What does 2018 have in store for YOU?

What are your travel dreams for 2018?

If you plan to travel during January February or March to someplace warm, you can pick up a last minute deal.  Be prepared to pay in full at the time of booking.

If you want to travel later in the year, you can make payments, or save up.  Travel bookings generally require final payments to be made somewhere between 30 and 90 days prior to your departure.

Yes – you heard that right!

You don’t always have to pay in full when you book!

A small deposit will be required on the cruise, hotel or resort.  If you plan far enough in advance you will have time to come up with the rest.

If you need even more time book something for 2019.  You will spend all year getting ready.  You might lose weight, or work on a that wardrobe…  ask me how I know.

If you desire to take a vacation – you also deserve it.  When you dream of something, that means that “the something” is attainable for you!  If it were not, it wouldn’t even be in your mind.

Go ahead have the courage to believe in yourself.

Talk to someone about what you desire.  Ask a travel advisor for advice!  It is amazing what happens when you set yourself free from restrictions! Are you restricting youreself with “I can’t”? If you want to travel, don’t say that.  Don’t keep your desire a secret…  tell someone, do research, ask an expert, and see yourself THERE!  It really is that simple!

We wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year full of your Travel Dreams Come True!

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