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I Can't Afford a Cruise Vacation

Many of my friends "think" they can't afford a cruise vacation. Recently a friend told me that they wished they could go, but they had not won the lottery yet. These people trapped in an "I Can't" mindset are the one's that need it the most! Every time I cruise myself I feel bad that they are missing out.. At one time I myself "thought" that I would never fully own a car, ie: I would always have a car payment. And now we fully own both of our cars. So I know these beliefs are not true. I feel like I have failed to teach my friends what I know about negative beliefs AND Planning To Cruise. As a result they are missing out on fabulous relaxing cruise vacations like mine. This is NOT the trip of a lifetime. It should be the trip of the year!

Right now we have an offer from a Cruise Line for up to 5 double occupancy staterooms at 50% off the cruise fare! Sure there are some terms and conditions. But make no mistake this is a GREAT DEAL! I have pricing calculated for several scenarios. Just ask.

This morning I priced this cruise for a client, and then sent it off to another friend as well. My friend is a widower with three teenage boys. He only has a few short years of time left with his boys, before they are grown and gone. Once his sons have college or job obligations, he will lose the power to decide who is doing what. Ask me how I know. Time off is VERY limited especially for young people in school or the work force. You have to use your time to make memories, while you can!

Everyone thinks they will just go at Spring Break. And many people do. But pricing goes up as much as double at the popular and convenient travel times. This will keep many from affording what they really want to do!

A Favorite Memory Made: Amazon River - January 2007 - Princess Cruises - Every other kid was attending Grade 7, but our daughter was petting a Monkey and getting a Rainforest tour from local children. Who learned more? The kids in the classroom or Suzee?

In all honesty - we did have to deal with some jealous teachers.. and I might add that this life long learner just graduated from UIC with a 4.0 GPA was it because of her travel or in spite of it? you decide.

I did some quick math for my friend, and I can tell you that $20 a week per person in savings would buy you a really fun Caribbean cruise vacation, one year from now, at today's pricing. This savings amounts to right around $1,000.00 per person. I promise that with a $1,000.00 per person budget that I can find you a Cruise Vacation next year at this time. That $1,000.00 per person will include everything you need (except airfare). There are things that are optional so it is possible that we could work airfare into that budget - with some compromise.

You can compromise on price by adjusting:

  • The cruise brand

  • The type of stateroom

  • The quantity of staterooms that you want (you may want 2 rooms but only need 1)

  • The date that you travel (this is a biggie)

This Cruise Deal I have right now would be $3552 for four people in two balcony staterooms - and an alcohol pkg for one adult in mid October. The number incudes insurance and gratuities too. it does not include Airfare. This cruise sails on October 15th. Kids in Rockford Public Schools would miss four days of school - because, on October 17th there is no school. Permission to take kids out for travel can easily be obtained by talking with the principal, and working with the teachers. We know this because we did it. This is a perfect example of dates that are the most affordable (the dates when everyone else in in school). In this case the price reflects the date advantage combined with a Travel Agent friends and family offer..

No - we don't have these very often and it's sure a shame to not take advantage of it - but we have not found any "takers" yet.

Looking for not so "outdoors-ish" things to do - the ship has a beautiful theater and other indoor venues and activities. (Bars, Casinos, Art Gallery, Restaurants)

Photo Credit: MSC Cruises

Cruise vacations are a luxurious way to get away to a fun place where you have no obligations. And it's also a great feeling to pay for your trip before you go. On a cruise you do whatever you want, whenever you want. You explore the ship while at sea and the ports while there. Someone else cooks and cleans! The ship is like a small city with all the activies and entertainment you could possibly want, and plenty of family time.. This pricing is just an example. It is real pricing if you book with us by September 30th, for the cruise we are going on october 15th - 22nd. Our family doesn't want to go. You might as well!

Can you see yourself here? If so - you are one step closer....

Ocean Cay
Phot Credit - MSC Cruises & Conrad Schutt

Pictured above is Ocean Cay - The Itinerary is where we are going, shown on the map below.

I just want you to know that winning the lottery is not necessary

but "Planning To Cruise" is.

No one ever goes on a cruise vacation by chance so make a plan and watch it happen.. Start throwing that $20per person in a jar each week, and one year from now you can CRUISE!

Here is a Youtube tour of the ship we will be on. Show it to the family and they will help you with that $20/week committment!

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When I share our journey I intend to inspire you. The intent is NOT make you jealous, or to brag! I want the same amazing cruise vacation FOR YOU!

Disclaimer: at we wear many hats. If you happen upon a link within our blog here or at other linked sites, and you click it there is a possibility we could financially benefit from that. As of late I have been marking them right in the content as either [affiliate link] or [convenience link]. We benefit financially from a purchase made at an [affiliate link]. A [convenience link] is just for your convenience. It is our greatest hope that the things we share are of great value to you! As always our opinions are our own and we always aspire to be an authentic voice.


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