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In the name of World Peace – Visit the Holy Land

In honor of World Peace Day – we offer our perspective on visiting the Holy Land.

Because you don’t have to be religious to enjoy a fascinating Holy Land trip!

In fact, either way – we think you are obligated to go….

All you really need to be is “curious” and “open minded” qualities you might worry were lacking there! If you are like me you have heard all of the stories from the Bible. You might even be confused about what they are supposed to mean. Once you visit the Holy Land – it might all become more clear. I know it did for me.

Holy Land

Sacred Architecture is really Impressive, because much money is spent!

Maybe you have heard about historical events that took place in Jerusalem, Ephesus, Haifa, Istanbul or any number of other places in the Middle East. You definitely know about the civil unrest and turmoil, unless you have been living under a rock. Don’t you wonder why God allows this hatred, and what could possibly be in his plan? This whole topic can be really confusing for someone who has been raised in certain religious brands. You might even be so confused that you are afraid to go to the Holy Land.

Many people who visit the Holy Land sign up for tours organized by their particular brand of organized religion. That way they are assured of being “safe” only getting their own personal slant – the one they believe in, because anything else might really be upsetting. It is a sure-fire way to see it – in exactly the way it was taught to you. The tour guide shows you what you are expecting to see. Where you are expecting to see it.

But if you go on your own – you can expect that your human mind will conjure up it’s own unique ideas, from the perspective in which you stand. Ideas that are closer to truth – at least “your truth”. Because if we are ever to achieve world peace it will be by setting aside our “beliefs” and seeing the truth that stands before us. 

Last year we took a Holy Land Cruise with Azamara Club Cruises. When we cruise we rarely take the organized tours because they cost extra AND we treasure the freedom to explore on our own! Contrary to popular belief Cruises are NOT pre-planned, scheduled vacations, rather they are organized transportation to multiple amazing destinations.

Upon arrival in the Holy Land you are totally FREE to do your own thing – what ever that is!

Rob and I love experiencing the architecture. When we say “Architecture” we mean the stage on which “life” is performed in each unique destination. Our definition includes Mother Nature’s formations, cities, towns, buildings and all the features of a culture’s living and historic environment.  We take off on rented scooters, drink wine for breakfast, and we might even climb to the top of a bell tower for the best view.

When we explore the Architecture on our own we are free to experience things just the way they are. Not in the way someone else tells us that they are.

During our Holy Land journey we explored the Old City of Jerusalem, Haifa Israel, the island country of Cyprus, the Greek island Patmos, Ephesus Turkey, Dikili Turkey, Old Rhodes Greece, Athens Greece, Istanbul and Kas Turkey. This region is full of Holy sites and religious conflict. It is an amazing concept to ponder…. perhaps, especially if you are NOT religious.

Only open minded people are truly able to do this.

The world needs us – to look – feel – experience – think and write about it.  Through our personal experience, we can all be advocates of world peace by writing the truth….

holy land

We had a fabulous day with our private guide Sam Salem

I now know that God is the force of “Love”. You can look into anyone’s eyes anywhere and either see Love, or NOT.

The Holy Land is a collection of historic sites in one of the oldest parts of civilization on planet Earth. Most are places where someone was attempting to teach “Love”.

These places are now encapsulated and enshrined in the “Architecture”!

There was never a moment that we didn’t feel completely safe!  There are wonderful people in all parts of the world.  We really encourage anyone to explore the amazing Architecture in the Holy Land, Religious or Not.

When you go this far away – you don’t want to forget anything that enables your quality of life – Buy our personal packing list HERE !

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