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Interior Stateroom Secrets & Tips

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

We ALMOST always book interior stateroom category guarantees…  Let me tell you why.

Interior Stateroom Category Guarantees are the least expensive cabin available, because we would rather spend our money on the experiences in the destinations.  I have never had a room on a cruise ship that wasn’t good enough or clean enough for sleeping and showering. Once you know this, you don’t have to worry.  You can just arrive knowing what to expect and get settled.

WOW – Isn’t this nice?

luxurious interior stateroom

I have to admit, when we traveled with our kids it was a bit tight.  There wasn’t enough power outlets for all the phones and cameras.  It was always a mess, because the space was so full!  Full of everything a family needed while away.  But that wasn’t the cruise line’s fault.  That was our choice.  It was what we were willing to pay for.  I wouldn’t trade it for staying home, which was truthfully an alternative.  Some people who are too good to purchase an inside stateroom – might just have to stay home….  Is that you?

Often times when we travel we are not assigned a room until we arrive.  In fact that is an option for anyone.  It is called a stateroom category guarantee.  You purchase a guarantee that you will be placed in a certain stateroom category or HIGHER, at embarkation.  You pay for the category and hope to get a better one. We have done this many times. It is a win win situation.  The cruise lines like it because they can put you in a room that specifically wasn’t selected.  Passengers like it because you stand a greater chance of getting a complimentary or low cost upgrade in exchange for taking a little risk.  When you book a stateroom category guarantee you are telling the cruise line that you don’t care exactly where your room is, and they have the flexibility to place you where they want as long as it is as good or better than what you paid for.

One time about a week before we were traveling Norwegian Cruise Line called us up and asked if we wanted a Balcony stateroom for an extra $100.  I had taken the call, and so asked them to hold while I disgussed it with Architect Rob.  He said $100 per person? or $100 total?  $100 total is what they said…. I replied.  There were three of us traveling that time.  So a Balcony upgrade was a no brainer!  There would be so much more room during our 16 night cruise, not to mention the beautiful view.  It was GREAT!  Worth exactly what we paid for it, $100.  This was the first and last balcony we’ve had in almost 30 cruuses.  Simply because we don’t really care.  All we do there is sleep – well almost… wink wink

Cruise lines like to keep offering their lowest cost rooms right up until the ship sells out.  So if you are booked in a stateroom category guarantee, they can keep moving you up to create capacity at the lowest cost level.  Some will call you and charge you a little something.  Others will surprise you with the upgrade at embarkation.  We have received an outside room with a window many times, while paying for an Interior Stateroom Guarantee.

Since becoming Travel Bloggers we continue to book guarantees, because that is what they offer us.  And they like to impress us with what they have.  This one was a particularly nice surprise!  One of the best kept industry secrets is that Holland America Line has these. In retrospect, I am amazed that they had one available because we have to book at the last minute.  Perhaps someone cancelled.  Pictured above and below is a Category J or K interior stateroom on a Holland America Line Ship.  Found only on Main Deck these spacious and luxurious rooms are as comfy as home!

They don’t advertise them.  You have to know about them – or use a Travel Advisor that shares their expertise!

In my opinion – It’s better than OK! What do you think?

luxurious interior stateroom

This was the first time we remembered to take a photo before messing our room up!

I love the deep darkness at night and not being awakened by the sun in the morning!

Please enter a comment below to let me know what else you would like to know about an interior stateroom.

Here is what a typical cruise line website will show you.

They will show you a typical interior room. Looks like this after a ship update. It’s not a J or K – no sofa or extra space.

Along with this little 3D rendering you still wouldn’t have known…

This is a typical interior stateroom – what most of them area like.


2 lower beds convertible to 1 queen-size bed, shower. Approximately 151–233 sq. ft. Not all staterooms within each category have the same furniture configuration and/or facilities. All information is subject to change.

Interior Stateroom Amenities include:

  1. Luxurious beds featuring Sealy® Premium Euro-Top mattresses and finely woven cotton linens

  2. Deluxe waffle weave and terry cloth bathrobes for use during your voyage

  3. 100% Egyptian cotton towels

  4. Premium massage showerheads

  5. 5X magnifying make-up mirrors and salon-quality hair dryers

  6. Fragrant soaps, lotions, shampoo and other bath amenities from Elemis Aromapure

  7. Complimentary fresh fruit on request

  8. Elegant ice bucket and serving tray for in-stateroom beverages

  9. Flat-panel TV and DVD player

  10. Ice service, shoeshine service and nightly turndown service

The first thing Rob and I do is unpack into the closets!

One of our favorite things about cruising unpack once and enjoy the journey!

There’s still time to book a fabulous Family Cruise Vacation or a Romantic Cruise Vacation with your partner as a holiday gift!

Maybe you are thinking “If its good enough for that Architect, it’s good enough for me” and I don’t think you would be disappointed.

Won’t they be surprised when they open up that wrapped gift of sunscreen and boarding passes?

Your travel advisor will have dozens of ideas of how and what you can wrap up!

Hey they might even do it for you!

Call Lynn or Rob at 815-516-0300 or Email us using the tab at the top of the page.

Want to learn more first? or book yourself?

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