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Looking for The Light – “God is in the Details”

God is in the Details

Me, Rob, “looking for The Light” thru a small broken hole in this Stone “Sidewalk” at Ephesus. There was a HUGH “tunnel/passage” below. Sorry, I was unable to get a photo.

While walking about, I have run into people, buildings, animals, and even my own family. My daughters spent much of their childhood asking “Papa, what are you looking at?” The answer? I am “Looking for the Light” – or, taking in the details.  Because we all know:  “God is in the Details” ~ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe ~ (a German-American architect)

To see the light.   In the form of photographs with Details from beautiful Cuba  <click here>  to be directed to Belles Firm of Architecture.

Ahhhhh YES – we are all beginning to understand what “Travel Like an Architect™” means!

Architects are passionate travelers who work long hours and need time off to rest up and feed their creative curiosity!  Most don’t earn like doctors and lawyers, but definitely share the same quality standards, because after all – we design them!  That’s why we cruise….  because cruising is adventurous, affordable, pre arranged and safe.  The accommodations meet our standard for design, comfort and cleanliness in an all inclusive package that we can afford.  Think you would too?

Give us a Call:  815-516-0300

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