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Meet Sam – My Personal Shopper in Israel

This is my friend – Sam Elias Salem. Sam is a Tour Guide in and around Israel. Since the beginning of the Pandemic Sam has been out of work. Read more to find out what Sam is doing to make ends meet.

We know Sam is reliable because we spent one whole day with Sam a few years back. Believe me, you can tell in one day when you have met a real gem!

Nothing makes Sam happier than showing tourists arround, and getting to know them!

Yesterday I received a package from Sam because he did some shopping for me! He picked up some spices at my request, and a small piece of jewelry and shipped them to me. He had posted the jewelry as available on his Facebook Page – because he wanted to help his friend. I paid him safely through PayPal in US Dollars, for the spices and jewelry. If you are interested in having Sam shop for you, reach out to him, and let him know that I sent you!

Back in 2015, Sam picked us up at the Cruise Port, at Asdod Israel which is about 40 miles from the Old City of Jerusalem and just under an hour drive. We were sailing with Azamara on an itinerary similar to this one CLICK HERE!

Sam takes good care of you! He knows everyone along the way…

Sam has a nice car, and he is a safe driver! We drove the road from Jerusalem to Jericho, rode a tram up to a Monastery that is carved into a cliff overlooking the city, and we even swam in the Dead Sea!

Sam speaks FIVE languages, which means that he can speak with YOU and anyone else he encounters in his region, with fluency…  which is really important, when you can’t even pretend to read the signs.

Sam has all of the necessary connections for gaining access to the most popular tourism attractions in Israel and surrounding areas. He is even able to get some people in to “The Dome of the Rock”! Apparently being an Architect is a pretty good “excuse”. Yes, he has to ask on your behalf.

He will share as much or little history and information with you as you want. Ask a question and get an honest answer, with no particular religious slant. We saw ALL 3 potential Zaccheaus Trees! (The Sycamore Fig mentioned in the gospel of Luke in the Bible).

Sam is open minded and non-judgemental.  Although we spent a day together in the Holy Land, we came away not knowing Sam’s heritage or religion, because his business is not to recruit you but to share his beautiful country and culture with you.

I want to go back and have Sam take us to Petra in Jordan!

Since this day we remained connected to Sam on Facebook! It is such a small world, isn’t it.

Here is what Sam says about himself:

I offer VIP service to my clients who are interested to discover our beautiful country. I am a second generation Tour Guide, fluent in 5 Languages. You can Find me in Israel Frommers Guide book under Selected Preferred Private Tour guides on Page 77 and 294. I am a prefered Biblical Tour Guide for Israel and West Bank in Frommers Guide Book on Page 83 for the Past 5 years! I am a second generation Tour Guide and Enjoy bringing the Bible alive to my clients. I enjoy Hiking to Masada; Herodion and down to Wadi Kilt Saint George Monastery.

I call tourism the Fifth Gospel, meaning by coming to the Land, you will experience the Bible and the Biblical events come to life. Sam Elias Salem
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