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Men in Dresses Everywhere – TLAA Egypt 2017

Up at 4:00 a.m. Headed to the airport for 7:30 flight to Luxor and Karnak Temple.  Another reminder of why we LOVE to cruise.  On a cruise you just wake up at the next destination, no flight required.  The domestic flights throughout Egypt were hassle free – I will have to say.  They bussed us out on to the tarmac to board the planes.  Something we hadn’t done in YEARS! We were really looking forward to the Cruise segment of our tour.

We embark in Luxor.

But first the Temple of Karnak!

Entrance to Karnak – the first typical element of a Pharoic Temple. Karnak has the newest gate! The complex was constructed from 2300 BC – 300 BC.  Work stopped when the Greeks arrived!

The Ram’s head on a Lion’s body – is symbolic of fertility and power. Note in the photo above they line the walkway.  The walk way once extended to the River Nile behind us, and the city center of Luxor, in another direction.

Passing through the open courtyard, the second typical element of a Pharoic Temple.

Rob says visiting Karnak is an architect’s wet dream!

It’s just MASSIVE!  This is the third typical element of a Pharoic Temple, once covered by a stone roof with clear story windows!

Rob said “I could spend four hours here!” “NO we could NOT” I replied, it would not be possible, it’s too HOT!”  You can stand in the shade of the columns but the mass of stone holds the heat – Hot is Hot no matter where you go.

Rob met many stone faced friends…

If you are seeing this post our amazing skyroam wifi hotspot is working GREAT!  We hope you enjoy….

travel ban

We are pretty pleased with our purchase!  You can get one for yourself by clicking the ad above!

A view from the far end looking back.

The tip of the obelisks were once Pyramid shaped alloy of gold and silver…  Did they have a greater purpose than decoration?  We bet they did!

After a while we headed back to the bus, and into Luxor to the Luxor Temple where all the statues of Ramses II – are!  Did I mention how HOT it was?  Yeah, several members of our group stayed on the air conditioned bus.

A typical pictograph below.

Note the stone removal in the blank areas..  an example of things to pay attention to when you Travel Like an Architect™ – Techniques – Styles..

We returned to Karnak for their sound and light show in the evening.  I would have been more enjoyable if we had not been exhaused from our day’s adventures.

To and from in a horse and carriage!  Our daughter commented on a social post.  She said “Don’t they have cars there?”

Tomorrow is the Hot Air Baloon ride over the Valley of the Kings!  Travel Like an Architect – look at the world “in plan view”!

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If anyone wants to do this – we can pick a date to return in the future!  We would be happy to escort your group. Reach out for more info!

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We supposedly received a discounted tour package that enabled our post. I was not required to write a post, because we are travel agents who are invited to participate in FAM (familiarization) Trips. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I share to inspire. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

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