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National Plan a Vacation Day + Wave Season = Perfect Timing!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Today is National Plan a Vacation Day and it’s right in the middle of Wave Season!

At Travel Like an Architect™ we are “Planning Experts”

Jan 31, 2017

In our culture of packed schedules, hyper-connectivity, and work martyrdom, American workers are in serious need of a break. It’s time to start being intentional about how we spend our days.  We understand the value of vacation time for our relationships, personal well-being, and professional success. Yet, 51% of Americans skip the one step that could help them vacation: planning.  People who plan for a vacation are 23% MORE LIKELY to take one!

Planning simply means committing to go and planning to spend the money!  The rest is easy…. we’ll show you how!

Wave Season is a travel industry term for the period of time when most cruises are booked.  Wave Season is kind of like a black Friday that lasts for three months.  Since more people are shopping the suppliers offer their best deals.  During Wave Season you will see the hottest cruise fares coupled with promotional offers that you won’t see again until next wave season!    I think it is because we are all holed up in our houses wishing for warm sand between our toes at a beautiful beach.  We also have extra time because the holidays are over and we aren’t mowing our lawns yet.  Might as well start Blueprinting Your Next Vacation!

For so many reasons Wave Season is the yin and yang of cruise selling/buying, you know, the perfect time.

National Plan a Vacation Day + Wave Season = Perfect Timing!

Wave Season begins January 1 and lasts through the end of March. It is during this time that Cruise Lines offer their best deals!

The cruise lines get creative and offer you more – You get a chance to land a great deal!

Yes Wave Season is for YOU!

The most common promotional offers that we see are:

  1. Prepaid Gratuities

  2. Onboard Spending Money – “OBC”

  3. Unlimited Beverage Packages

  4. Shore Excursion Credit

  5. Specialty Dining Packages

  6. Reduced Deposits (Reserve your spot for as little as $50)

You will see offers with options – because everyone is different right?  A Travel Agent will know exactly where to find the right promo for you!

Use science in your favor. Buy when the sellers are selling at the best rates.  Be Smart.  Book during Wave Season and you will get more for your money. You can travel any time year around but now is the time to book!

Pay a small deposit to lock in the great deal!

One of the best reasons to book early is to get the very best value.  At the time of booking you will only pay a small portion of the cost of your cruise.  The rest will not be due until about 90 days prior to the sail date.  Book with us for interest free financing.  We will process a monthly transaction for you at no extra charge!

Sure you can pick up a last minute deal but this is really more about planning.  How to use science in your favor.

Let us help you Blueprint Your Next Vacation – Make a Plan!  After all – since we are Architects too – we are “Planning Experts”!

We are addicted to travel and we are always combing through the deals!  Call or text us at 815-516-0300 or better send us an email using the tab above and we can help you Blueprint Your Next Cruise Vacation.

AND….   Don’t forget OUR special recommendations:

  1. Travel LIKE an Architect – Architect’s Choice.  This Vacation Experience is specially selected by US for OPTIMUM value.  It is what we WISH we could do if only we had more Vacation Time.  Perhaps it fits YOUR schedule.

  2. Travel WITH an Architect – Join Lynn and Rob.  Just like it sounds this is a trip we are planning on doing ourselves.   We invite others to travel WITH us, party WITH us, and learn WITH us.   It is a GREAT value, and one we have TIME for.   Join US!!!

Give us a call for assistance and advice!


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