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Our first Airbnb Guest – The Belles Home Resort – Rockford Illinois

Our first Airbnb guest s stayed for four nights and were just perfect!  They were our first booking of all time!  We will never forget them 🙂

Neil and Sue arrived around dinner time on Thursday as expected for their four night stay in our cathedral ceiling guest bedroom.  After a long 10 hour drive from a southern state, they rang our doorbell – and of course the puppy Standard Poodle Loukie went wild!  We welcomed them in.  Lynn held Loukas while Rob shook hands and introductions took place.  We sensed that they wanted to see the room before hauling their stuff in, so Lynn bounded up the stairs inviting them to follow…

All we knew about Neil and Sue before they arrived is what they told is in a message sent through Airbnb when requesting to book.

My wife, Sue and I were born and raised in Rockford. Sue is a graduate of Guilford and I (Neil) of Rockford West. We are traveling from our home city of the last 30+ years in ___________, _____. We will be coming and going a lot visiting Family and Friends in the area. Your location is ideal and the home seems uniquely inviting. We look forward to our stay.

Our Airbnb guest s basically get the “kid wing” of our modern home.

It includes a private bath, bedroom and an extra room that can be used as an office.  The three rooms are clustered at the top of the big open stair in the two-story foyer.

airbnb guest

Affectionately called “the stair of youth” because it will keep us young for years to come!

Lynn showed the guest room first, with an empty closet, where they could hang clothes or store them in bins.

airbnb guest

Across the hall is a very clean bath equipped with all the necessities.  She showed them a basket of samples of her favorite shampoo and conditioner as well as a designated drawer of “forget-ables”, like sample sized toothpaste, deodorant, and there were even a few brand new toothbrushes in there in case anyone needs them!

airbnb guest

Satinique Hair Care by Amway! Try it while you’re here!  I mean why not??  You might LOVE it like I do!  We are Amway IBO’s so if you love Amway you will love it HERE!

airbnb guest

Neil and Sue, satisfied with the accommodations unloaded their car and got settled. They said that they were meeting family for dinner so after getting settled they were headed out.  Lynn gave them a key on a Travel Like an Architect™ Lanyard for their use during their stay.

After finishing up work in the basement home office and our guests had left for dinner, we decided to run a couple of errands.  Lynn sent a text to Neil to give him a heads up about Loukie…. Loukie still has to be confined to the foyer when we leave because well, you know, he is a “puppy” and can’t be trusted, and also requesting that he park on the other side of the driveway when returning…. so we could get our cute car back into the right side of the garage.  They replied so that I would know that they got the message which was very nice!

Over the next few days we hardly saw our Airbnb Guests Neil and Sue!

They were fully booked and very busy with family and friends.  But we did usually hear a quick re-cap of their day…  They really enjoyed their time in Rockford and did what sounded like many fun things!

  1. Historic Bike Tour of Rockford – they are quite the bikers having brought their own bikes!

  2. Dinner at the Olympic – was fulfilling!!

  3. Visited friends in the neighboring town of Belvidere

  4. Visited family just a jaunt away on Pepper Drive!

  5. Consumed two bottles of wine – I smile because they were very quiet!  Now we know what kind of wine they like 🙂  Maybe next time we can tempt them to join us on the patio!

  6. We think they went to church on Sunday morning….  returning here to change – then reportedly spent the day at Lake Geneva with friends!

They definitely made the most of their time here!  It was a pleasure meeting them and we hope they think of us next time they come to Rockford!  There really is a lot of fun things to do here!

We want to thank them for being our very first Airbnb guest s!

We noticed that we need to get a cup dispenser for the bathroom and maybe something to set things on inside the room – like for quiet people with glasses of wine!  They left EVERYTHING just as they found it!!  We can hardly tell that anyone stayed there!  We are very grateful!

airbnb guest

Our FIRST Airbnb Guest s left the room exactly how they found it! But don’t worry, ALL the bedding is stripped from the bed and washed before the next guest arrives!

We regret forgetting to offer them a chance to choose from the cruise brochures in our rack!  There are brochures for every cruise line! For sure we should have given them one about “fathom” our next Travel With an Architect™ trip scheduled in late October!  Definitely sending them one in the mail…  Prices for this Cruise start at $249 for an inside stateroom!  It is such a great deal for anyone!

Our next Airbnb Guest arrives on Friday!

We are booked for the next three weekends in a row!  Expecting guests from Florida, Kansas and North Carolina!  We really love meeting new people. Rob bumped up the price a bit – because the price assigned by Airbnb seemed a little low compared to our competition in the area.  Our home is very nice, clean and in a very desirable part of town!  We’ll see how it goes…..  We really want to price our accommodations so that we are fairly compensated to cover all of the associated expenses because then we can afford to provide our guests with the best experience.

We welcome suggestions in the comments below!

Rob and Lynn Belles

If you want to be an Airbnb Host – Sign up HERE – You will get $35 to spend on a booking for yourself from us!

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