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Princess Full Transit Panama Canal Cruise Itinerary - Segment 2

The second in a series of photo rich posts tracing our recent 16 Night Cruise Travel Adventure from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale. It was during the pandemic and we had to test for Covid twice before getting on the ship and once after.

Well, here is yet another unpublished post that I found almost done. Might as well publish it - this was a fabulous itinerary. The full transit Panama Canal sails from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale Florida. It is a very popular adventure!

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We hope you enjoy the highlights of the 2nd Part of our Panama Canal Cruise Itinerary.


I am never sure when looking through my pictures if this was a sunrise or sunset. Logically it would be a sunset, because we tend to sleep through most sunrises. But the properties (time stamp) on this one claim it is a sunrise.. Anything is possible when we are traveling.

Panama Canal Cruise Itinerary Day 7 and Day 8 - February 18 and 19, 2022

As you can see on the map below it was Friday and then Saturday and we were about half way between the 3rd and 4th ports of call. We had two consecutive Sea Days. On a typical sea day we find things to do on the ship. It's as big as a city and there is something for everyone.

itinerary map

On any given sea day we take the opportunity to enjoy a nice breakfast served to us in the main dining room. If there is anything I am really good at - it is forgetting to photograph my food when it arrives. It's always beautifully plated, and I just dive right in!

The best part of being served is that they keep coming back around with fresh coffee, until you say no thank you. You don't have to chase after it yourself like you do at the buffet. Hey, I don't spill as much this way.

After breakfast we usually get in a little work. We check and respond to email, check in with our house/dog sitter & work a bit on a project that we brought with. If we didn't work during our trip, we would not be able to be gone near as long.. Pictured below is the satellite cell tower that keeps us in touch with everyone!

satellite cell service on the ship

Next on the agenda for a Sea day is usually pool/sun time. Often we grab a light lunch or snack that we can enjoy at our lounge chairs.

Deck chairs at the aft pool

Yep - it's ALL included, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! On this adventure we also got a promotional adult beverage package along with our booking! (Promotional means free) It's fairly common with Princess Cruises. So we were sure to sit near a bar when happy hour approached. Yep - Rob looks pretty happy coming from the specialty Margarita Bar.. I remember this day in particular. I posted this photo on my personal instagram, captioned "That feeling when it’s Friday night, the sun is about to set over the ocean horizon, you’re on the ship, enjoying your favorite adult beverage, with your favorite human, AND you realize you will still be here next Friday!" Yep - HAPPY is an understatement!

the first Friday on the ship, as opposed to the second one

After showering and dressing for dinner we visited "Good Spirits at Sea" on the ground floor of the grand atrium.

A fancy bar on the ship

Each evening cruisers can enjoy an interactive program lead by the bartender. Princess describes it like this "Good Spirits takes viewers around the globe in search of extraordinary everyday people, sharing stories of spirits and collecting farm-fresh, local ingredients to inspire one-of-a-kind cocktail creations. Immerse yourself in the region as skilled bartenders lead you through an immersive cocktail experience."

Yes - you get to drink the "examples".

blue drink

Here is the recipe for my Blue Drink. It was pretty darn good!

blue drink recipie

Just behind us, in the Atrium, were two violinists providing fancy background music. We met our friends and headed off to dinner..

Here are a couple of appetizers that one of us photographed on this day. Must have been the first course of our dinner. After that we forgot to take pics.

Yes - you are allowed to order more than one, no extra charge. This is great when you can't decide!

Somewhere in the middle of this day we had gone up to check out the kids program. Our daughters are grown up but we are looking forward to cruising with our grandsons some day, so we wanted to see what was there. At the time we chose, the venue wasn't open - so we returned after dinner to see what we could see. Actually that's all we could do was look in the window because NO ONE but kids, and staff are allowed in. We did find a schedule of events for our cruise posted outside.

Princess kids club activities

"The Tree House" looked like fun! Both of my grandsons would currently qualify for the same program, as one is 3 and the other 6, which is likely unique.

We relaxed in the piano lounge for a bit before heading to our cabin..

Princess Piano Bar

All of the things we did above were a combination of day 7 and 8 - days spent on the ship at Sea.

Tomorrow Costa Rica!

Stateroom TV itinerary map

Day 9, Sunday February 20, 2022

We had plans to meet a driver and do some big time zip lining!

Photo op at a scenic overlook

Most of our time in Puntarenas (Province) was spent at an adventure park about 45 minutes from the Port City of Punta Arenas. This was the most adventurous zip lining we have ever done!

Along the way we saw many cute homes, as well as an occasional "convenience" store.

I was surprised by the amount of industrial buildings. While driving along the Pan American Highway we passed a rendering facility, mango plantation, sugar farm and processing, and a tuna canning facility.

Once we finished our zip line adventure, our driver took us back to the ship, the long way, thru the City.

A church, because we always notice them..

Puntarenas Architecture

Our driver returned us to the port, where we did a little shopping. Rob bought that green turtle shirt shown in the photo!

Puntarenas Shopping

I don't know what this is all about... recently Rob has begun posing for a photo with statues and sculptures..

Puntarenas Art

There was a line to get back on the pier and the ship. Thankfully it was shady.

Puntarenas Coast

Puntarenas Cruise Ship Pier

What an invigorating day it had been...

Emerald Princess

We enjoyed our ship life again... Wonderful food, air conditioning, clean water, flush toilets, and everything we have come to depend on as spoiled Americans.

Day 10, Monday February 21, 2022 was a Sea Day

Per usual it was a day of rest, this time with a formal dinner!

Robert & Lynn Belles - Princess Formal Night

Day 11, Tuesday February 22, 2022 - (prior to transit through the Panama Canal) we anchored outside Panama City at about 5am. When the ship was cleared we tendered to Flamenco Marina in Fuerte Amador.

Panama City Sparkles

We got a cab at the marina, for $10, that took us to "the big mall" where we binge shopped for a couple hours.

We then got another cab, for an additional $10, to the old city. Here we were rewarded with lunch, and unending streets of beautiful old buildings.

Beautiful Guacamole at Lunch

Before we left the Old City we got to observe a religious ceremony exiting the Cathedral.

Please comment if you know what the celebration was.

Segments 3 - 4 to follow. (Hmmmm maybe, we're home now and there is work to do)

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