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Performing Artists at Sea!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Like most Arts enthusiasts we are open minded, social liberals.  We have deep respect for all the people making a living by working on the ships! The performing artists are following their dreams, being paid while they see the world!

Our favorite Staff members are the Performers!  Many of them would otherwise be “Starving Artists” if they had to rely on performing in local clubs and venues in their home towns.  These people are among the coolest people in the world – and are giving their lives to entertaining people with their greatest artistic passions while seeing the world!

Many of them do this instead of having a relationship with someone special – or at least they make it a higher priority at a given time.  Our friend Greg Gallello meets up with his girl friend who is an Aerialist on another ship, every 21 days in a common port of call.  They both love what they do first.

Rob and Lynn Belles are seasoned Travel Professionals

Gathering up the best experiences on Earth to share with you

for the purpose of inspiring you to go into the world with peace and kindness and learn all about the rest of humanity………..

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We travel to get away and to be together, to learn and to teach, to experience and become wise, to turn off the news and ignore the clock, to connect to the world in a peaceful way all while leaving a bit of our wealth with someone else who needs it more than we do.  We know you could do this too or we wouldn’t be promoting it.  Go ahead step out of your comfort zone and dream a little then let us show you just how affordable your dreams really are!

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