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Rob’s Mother and Sister are on a Viking River Cruise!

Rob’s Mother and Sister are on a Viking River Cruise!  And apparently they know how to Travel Like an Architect™ – Check out their voyage below!

Viking River Cruise

Yes, of course they booked it with us!  We can book ANY cruise that exists!  We are Cruise Specialists!  Just give us a call – 815-516-0300

But Barb and Julia don’t like cruises….. or so they thought a few years ago.  Rob’s sister is a recently retired single Attorney who worked for the State of New Mexico, and Rob’s Mother is a widow of a few years.  They have become frequent traveling companions, and cruising really works well for them!  As we speak they are cruising down the Rhine River in Europe! To see the ship and itinerary, click HERE!  Several times a day they are sharing their experience on our Facebook Page – so we wanted to compile all the posts here!

Bookmark it to see their whole Viking River Cruise trip. I will keep adding below as the days pass.

Julia Belles’ post said – “Having a great time on my Viking pre-cruise extension in Amsterdam. Yesterday walked and took the tram to old town. Visited the palace which is still used for all abdications and coronations. Today visited the Rijksmuseum. How wonder for the Dutch to have so many of the masters’ art work to share with the world. Finished the day with a canal cruise.”

Do you think she is fascinated by the Architecture?  or the Trivia?  Her post says: Built in the 1700s and still working to drain water from the land. Polder lands are areas below sea level that are reclaimed. 

 I can say that Belles Firm of Architecture appreciates seeing structures that are built to last!  In the United States most buildings are built to be disposable.  When you travel you are pleasantly surprised that in other places they are not.

You know how relaxing cruising down a river can be, right?  Julia says “Enjoying sun and sights as I leisurely cruise down the Rhine.”

Hey – this one “embedded” properly – you can actually see what Julia said!  She is posting from the ship that has free wifi, onboard.

River cruises stop on a unique schedule.  Not always arriving in the morning and departing in the evening.  On this day they floated by the scenery in daylight!

Apparently they visited a Fort.  Julia must have taught Grandma Barb how to post a picture for us!  Barb’s caption was one word.  FORTRESS!  Hey – you gotta start somewhere!  Great Job Gr. Barb!

A 16th century city!  THINK ABOUT IT!

Since there are other people, and things to do on the Cruise, Julia is able to do more rigorous things than her mother on some days.  I hope we inspired her to check out the bell tower with what we did in Cuba!  Visit our YouTube Channel for a quick  Video to see what I’m talking about!

Julia has checked in already – “Today, 8/23, we are docked in Kehl Germany. We took a bus over the Rhine to Strasbourge France. Later I hope to walk over the Rhine and stand in two countries at the same time. We walked thru the old town which missed being heavily damaged in the war. Unfortunately the cathedral Notre Dame was hit…but it’s pretty darn big so most of it remained standing. Parts of the original town wall and towers exist.”

Headed into the last days of this lifetime experience!

Julia posted “Overnight we traveled thru several locks, docking in Breisach Germany, a city whose history goes back over 4,000 years. Visited St. Stephan’s Minster, a church of Roman and Gothic design. Also made it to the remnants of the old fortress.”

Black Forest Cake – Did you know it was a Place? Looks as luscious as the cake!

So long Europe, Until Next time – August 25th, 2017 – Julia and Barb

Viking River Cruise

Here is Viking River Cruises Informational Video about the voyage Barb and Julia did!  If you think you would LOVE one of these European River Cruise Vacations NOW is a great time to book. Through August 31, 2017 we have package deals with air at only $295!  Save on your airfare, and have more money to enjoy your trip!  But don’t book direct with Viking because using a Travel Agent will get you extras!  Barb and Julia got $125 of onboard spending in their ship account.

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