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Saint Martin – Mr. Busby is French – Travel Like an Architect™

                                            Lynn in the Surf at Saint Martin Island

Midway along a chain of islands in the Caribbean Sea referred to as the West Indies – lies an island called Sint Maarten, or was that Saint Martin? I was confused for a while not realizing that both were correct – but it’s not strictly a language distinction – the French govern the South and the Dutch the North segment of the island. The more important distinction is not “North or South”, “French or Dutch” but “Topless or Nude!”

Topless Sunbathing at Dawn Beach, Saint Martin Island!

Since the island is 100% European, topless sunbathing is the norm. At Club Orient – Orient Beach, on the Dutch side you can take it all off! We are told the locations where total nudity is tolerated/allowed are well-marked and if you desire to take it all off in other areas you should use modesty, choosing an area with a bit of privacy where you won’t bother anyone, being mindful of families with children and staying away from people’s homes… After all, we live in a civilized society.

We hide our beautiful bodies behind curtains and doors, blankets and walls! Children must NOT see us! We are practically born with clothes on! I have always thought it unjust that men can go topless and women must strap them in. If you have ever sun bathed topless you know what I mean. There is so much freedom in baring your breasts in the hot sun! It feels beautiful and natural!

I have sun bathed topless with my husband lying on a chair on one side of me and my teenage daughter on the other. I hope one day she will have the inner confidence to do the same… yes – there were other people around, some covered and some not. No one was inappropriately behaved or rude. Just a bunch of humans at Mr. Busby’s Beach Bar….

Mr. Busby’s Bar is located at Dawn Beach on the east coast of the island on the French side.

Just ask any Cab driver to take you there.  Check it out on the map above, I marked it for you.  Large Cruise ships visiting the port will dock at Phillipsburg, just a short, scenic island drive from Dawn Beach.  While you drive talk with your driver – ask about their life.  Get to know them a bit….  You can even ask for them to return for you at a certain time for a ride back to the ship.  The last time we went our driver had just picked his wife up from work.  She worked near where we were so was riding along on the trip back to the ship.  It was her birthday so he presented her with the flower arrangement – – how sweet!

I hope it meant that he had a prosperous day of tourist driving!

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