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Shopping – Camel Ride – Sunset Tea

From beginning to end it was a great day!  Waking up in Giza was a special treat.  Our host made sure that we had a “Pyramid View Room”!

There was time for Breakfast and a swim before our group meeting, and we didn’t waste a moment!

Most of the time he has no clue that I am taking his picture!  The air was HOT and the water COLD at 10:00 am!  They must chill the pool water somehow – the things Architects think about…. Shopping, Lunch, and a Sunset Camel Ride was on the day’s agenda..  Here it is, in reverse order.  My wordpress phone app put them in that way – sigh – I am learning but too tired to fix it.

The reward at the top was the sunset perfectly timed!  And a cup of Bedouin Tea!

We relaxed on a sofa cushion and were served some Bedouin tea!  The Bedouins are the nomadic people of the deserts of the Middle East.  They have lived there FOREVER.  If you ask me the land is theirs….  But everyone else fights over it!

Mahmoud would always ask for a kiss.  He stole my heart with the twinkle in his eye!

Our camels had a leash and several young men to lead the way..

Rob posing before he mounted “Clyde”.  You have to get on while they are lying down, and then lean BACK!  The camel will rise to his knees first, then straiten back legs first.  Hold ON – they are HUGE animals!

The jewelers offered custom Cartouches made from silver or gold!  They will be ready for pick up tomorrow!  Sunday – is the first day of the Egyptian work week.

We did some shopping in an Egyptian Cotton Store not far from our Hotel.

These souvenir vendors were very happy after our group passed by..

It was an exhausting but all in all good day!  We settled in to our hotel’s bar to discuss the day and refuel before retiring!   Please SHARE and FOLLOW! We love and miss you all! This BLOG url was especially created for this Travel Agent Familiarization Trip, a destination training experience.  We learned a lot about Egypt!  We now have first hand understanding of hotel ratings, domestic air, cruising the River Nile, shopping and money, guides and excursions, and what to expect in Egyptian Culture.  We know what to pack and exactly what to do before you go!  We will be compiling all of this here and in a book, so subscribe and stay tuned!

I bet you would love to see Egypt some day!

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