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Snorkeling in Barbados

We ALWAYS purchase a Snorkel Tour from a local source that knows exactly where to go for the best Snorkeling experience at least once during every cruise.  On this Celebrity Cruise we decided to go snorkeling in Barbados.  The locals know the best place and it is always fun to get to know them by spending the day with them.

Enjoy the video of us snorkeling in Barbados – Swim with the Sea Turtles!

Here is what you can do with a small waterproof digital camera!  We love our’s

The ship’s tours are usually crowded and twice the price!  Go ahead and book online by seeking out a local – or if you aren’t comfortable just doing that give us a call.  We keep track of the tour companies that we have used and willingly pass off the names of the reputable ones.  We also have a Shore Excursion resource at our Cruise Sales website where you can purchase discounted tours through us. Click here to see them! They are always much less crowded!  The Swim with Turtles tour in the video actually turned out to be private – just my husband and I and the Boat driver / guide.  It was a great day!

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