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Social Impact Travel Defined – Travel Like an Architect™

Lynn & Rob Belles

Rob and I are always promoting really stepping into a culture

interacting with the people and learning about their customs and way of life.

We believe that interacting with people who are different from us culturally and geographically

will make us better people with a deeper understanding of life!

We all have different challenges, different talents, different sociology and yet we are all human!

With our focus of Travel Like an Architect™ we believe that everyone would enjoy and learn from Travel, especially international travel. Through international travel we connect our every day path to and through the paths of other people in other places. If you picture it graphically we weave our paths into a beautiful fabric of many cultures through buildings, art and Mother Nature. It makes us more interesting – and more satisfied with our own personal contribution to society. Along the way we write our stories through the things we choose to do in the places we choose to go. The creation of a more open self – more aware – more understanding and tolerant of our differences.  Travel Like an Architect™ means to understand, not judge.

We are defining Travel to volunteer your time, to share your talents, to teach and learn about other ways of life. For Life Long Learners who desire to see the world in a more meaningful way. Travel to effect the social fabric of a destination and to improve the well being of the people you interact with there.

It can be as simple as spending your money on local goods and services or as complex as teaching English or working on a community garden or in a water filter production facility! Social Impact means you left something meaningful behind…. You didn’t just ride around in a bus looking at the scenery burning gasoline.

Travel with a Heart and an open mind – you will be amazed by what you learn!

Search our Social Impact Category for Unique Opportunities for Organized Social Impact Travel

Maybe you just want to get your feet wet – having a social impact – on your own….

Here are some creative ideas of things you could start with!

– Get off the bus and buy some local hand made souvenirs!

– Shake a local’s hand, look into their eyes. Ask them a question.

– Take a taxi to a place where tourists are few – spend some money there.

– Talk with your guide.  Ask them about their life.  Tell them about your life.

– Attend a church service or just look in the church.  There is always a beautiful church to see.  Give them a donation of any size.

– Purchase something from a street vendor.  Even if you don’t need what they are selling.

– Bring gifts to give to children.  Pencils, crayons, paper, something you made or something from your home town, etc…..

– Ask someone to pose with you for a picture – thank them and give them a tip!

– Connect with a new friend in a far away land on Social Media!

Have another idea?  Post it in a comment below!

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