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Syrian Refugee Boats – Travel Like an Architect™

FRIDAY OCTOBER 9 – Dikili Turkey

When you Travel Like an Architect™ you will see the unexpected. We arrange our travels to come in contact with more than “tourist” sites and beaches. Our plans avoid the white-washed “Margaritaville Village” in favor of the “local” and “real” places, foods, and cultures. We do so without fear, knowing we will meet genuine, friendly, people and create a Vacation Experience that is so much more… …and this Holy Land Trip did not disappoint us!

We sailed away from Dikili Turkey earlier that day and just as the sun was beginning to set Captain Magnus Davidson came on the PA system to announce that something unexpected had happened. In order to get back out into the Aegean Sea we had to navigate through a narrow strait between the Turkish mainland and the Greek Isle – Lesbos.

The Island of Lesbos Greece is off the coast of the Turkish mainland.

Captain Magnus Davidson said that a Syrian refugee boat in distress had been spotted off the port side of our vessel and that we would be stopping to contact the Greek and Turkish Coast Guards and then waiting a bit to make sure that everyone was safe. Watch the video above to completely experience the event through the lens of our camera. Isn’t it unbelievable that life could be so bad that you would pack your family into a blowup boat to escape the country?

Here is an up close look at the situation from the New York Times

You see just like you, we had heard about the crisis, but really didn’t know the intimate details.  Rob and I believe in Peace and that War never helps anyone.  War is always the result of people who don’t understand each other… people who disagree about religion and cultural practices.  My favorite bumper sticker in the world is the Coexist Image.

Why can’t we all live together in Peace with mutual respect for whatever we choose to believe.   Look at the impact of this Crisis on the World – and how dare you say it isn’t our problem….  I grew up in a single family home in the United States where the people could not coexist because of Religious and Political turmoil.  Sad but true. When will it end?

In my research I stumbled on the World Vision Organization – an organization focusing their help on children…  No matter what your political view you must have compassion for the children.  I reviewed the financial data for World Vision and they are Certified by the EFCA a third party financial accountability organization. The ECFA sets some of the highest standards in the nonprofit world in terms of governance, financial management and stewardship.

I challenge you to click on the images – look at the pictures – watch our personal video – think about the effect this tragic situation is having on OUR world…  maybe you can even find a couple bucks that you didn’t spend at Christmas to donate!  These kids need warm clothes to get through the winter, I am sure your kids already have theirs.  I donated – so can you! Contact me if you would like to organize a box to send or have another idea about how we can help from home.  I am sure I could find plenty of stuff right here in my house!  How about you?

There is only ONE the same one!

I will post about our pleasant but short day in Dikili Turkey next week!

Rob and Lynn Belles are seasoned travelers and Cruises Inc. Travel Agents – gathering up the best experiences on the Globe to share with you

for the purpose of inspiring you to go into the world and learn………..  Travel Like An Architect™ – Book a Cruise!

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