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Taking Advantage of Seasonal Travel Deals

We can always find you a great seasonal travel deal!  There are times of any year when people just don’t need to travel. It is then that you can get the best deals.  Generally from about Christmas through Easter, or Spring Break, is when people will pay the most for vacations.  The industry knows this – after all – many parts of the northern hemisphere are very cold and unpleasant, so they charge as much as they can get during this time!

Summer time is when families want to go – and the industry knows that too!  Summer time can be the most expensive time to travel because it is the segment of the year when the market is the most open because almost everyone is available….

There are some tiny pockets of time throughout the year where seasonal travel deals can be found.  During April and May all students are still in school, college students included. Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere – so people are generally content at home.  Another pocket of time that we have noticed is the week just before Christmas!  Many people will vacation the week of Christmas but most of us are all too busy in preparation to go the week before.

Hurricane season is technically from June 1st to November 30th – meaning that seasonal travel deals are readily available in the fall!  Not because of the danger of a hurricane but just generally because of less favorable weather.  A Hurricane’s travel path is predictable and the ship can alter its route to avoid the storm.  How do I know this?  We took a trip for our honeymoon in October many years ago and we traveled through a Hurricane.   The captain kept us informed with a map of our anticipated route and the predicted path of the hurricane.  I remember that the Hurricane’s name was Lili! We were told that the ship would sail closer to shore than normal – just in case we had to duck into port.

Most people don’t like to take their kids out of school for vacation.  If you are one of them – consider traveling Thanksgiving week. Most school districts have at least two days off. If you include a weekend on either side of the holiday you could get a 7-9 day vacation and your kids only miss 2-3 days of school.   Columbus Day and Veterans day are often times combined with teacher’s institute days, offering long weekend breaks from school in October and November.  Keep these dates in mind when you plan your next trip.  A school calendar is usually available for reference online in advance of the school year.

Sometimes things happen in our world economy that can also have an impact on travel prices.  For instance, right after the tragic 9/11 travel prices plummeted!  No one wanted to travel!  Rob and I seized the opportunity to Book-a-Cruise!  We gave the 5 Night Caribbean Cruise to our kids for Christmas that year.  Just like I told you earlier – cruises just before Christmas are often a bargain because everyone is too busy preparing for the holiday to go. In 2011 we found a SUPER DEAL!  We wrapped up airline tickets to Florida and asked the girls to open early!  Boy were they perplexed – – – Open a gift early? They were just thrilled with the airline tickets to Florida and then we told them we were also taking them on a Cruise!!!  We selected a 5 Nighter to test the waters – so to speak – neither of them had cruised before, and we wanted to make sure that neither Amy or Suzee had a problem with Sea-Sickness.  It turned out great and this many years later we are glad we taught our girls the value of travel!  See the video of them at the “Dolphin Discovery” in Cozumel – happy faces and memories to cherish!

During this month (March 2014) several cruise lines are offering Kids FREE – Give us a call with your dates and we will find you a great seasonal travel deal!

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