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#tbt Cuba Memories

Cuba is the most interesting place I have been because so much of what I knew about it turned out to be NOT TRUE.  We visited three cities there, Havana, Cienfuegos & Santiago de Cuba

Here are a few of our Cuba memories for your enjoyment and as a reminder that we can help you plan when you are ready for some Cuba memories of your own.  We hope you enjoy our #tbt Cuba Memories Post!  We hope it makes you think a little about what you think you know….

I had been taught that Cuba was a communist country, but Cubans can explain in English why they are transitioning to a Socialist economy.  They don’t claim to know it all and express their weakness’ freely, as they find their way to something that is good for all.

Somehow I had been led to believe that those classic American autos were all they had.

I thought, that they were so desperate for cars, that they had to keep those old cars running and that because of the embargo, they were unable to get any new cars. This exemplifies the American Ego; thinking as though the United States were the only producer of new cars in the world. Cubans drive newer cars imported from other socialist and communist countries, bicycles and even horse carriages and wagons.  The embargo forces them to support those economies, instead of our’s.

I had been warned of poverty and destitute conditions, crime and danger. But I was not prepared instead, for the friendly people who appeared happy and healthy, able to practice their craft.

cuba memories

If you demonstrate talent or artistic ability in Cuba, you are expected to become an artisian.  Artists are sent to art school and musicians to music school.  They are allowed to thrive in their craft and expected to teach it too.  And Oh Yeah – we bought that hand carved bottle holder hand and a bottle of Havana Club Rum!

cuba memories

After a few days I really began to feel lied to. What a surprise when a native Cuban asked us “Why do you let them manage you like that?” (We just had to be somewhere at a certain time… #wth?) I had never thought about it that way before. According to a Cuban being somewhere at a certain time was “being managed”.

Cuba was the only place I have ever been where there was NO Coca Cola, yet American pop music echoes through the air waves.

The trade embargo didn’t stop the Music, Pop Art or Art Deco Architecture from immigrating to Cuba, but it did stop Havana Club Rum and Cuban Cigars from coming to the states. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face….  I left enlightened and even a little envious of their carefree lifestyle, where little money is needed, and extra effort rewarded.  They even claim to have a cure for lung cancer. Viva Cuba!

cuba memories

Will KISS Tourist for a couple extra bucks!

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