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The Best Fall Cruise – Isn’t what you might be thinking….

I bet you are thinking that the Best Fall Cruise is likely a Cruise to Canada and New England to look at fall foliage…  but we have a better idea!  There is a special kind of cruise that is ONLY available in the Fall. It is romantic & adventurous. The weather is beautiful.  But most of all, it is the most rejuvenating cruise you will ever take. Almost every cruise brand has their version. Just pick your favorite! They begin in Europe and end in the Caribbean or Florida. Almost nobody knows about them (I smell a bargain)!

They are called Transatlantic Cruises – I bet you can guess why!

transatlantic cruise

My favorite spot is overlooking the wake – no land in sight!

When the weather turns chilly in Europe, ships that are sailing the Baltic, North or Mediterranean Seas are moved to another region for the winter months. Most are sent to the Caribbean – a popular hot destination for Americans and Europeans where extra capacity is needed in the winter. The ship has to sail to the new Caribbean itinerary, and you get to ride along.

In this example of a Transatlantic Cruise you fly to Rome and sail back to Ft. Lauderdale.

transatlantic cruise

Check out this 15 Night Mediterranean Passage on Celebrity, a very nice cruise line!

These cruises are romantic, because they begin in Europe and Europe is romantic. But since kids are back in school you can expect there to be mostly adults sailing on the ship. You will enjoy date night every night, and can even stay up late and still get plenty of sleep. Read on to learn why.

transatlantic cruise

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner EVERY Night

When you fly to Europe from the US, it takes a minimum of 9 hours and you lose about 6 hours of clock time. It is best to arrive in the early morning, getting your sleep on the plane.  For instance; if you leave New York City at 6:00 pm, fly for 9 hours, plus lose 6 hours, you will arrive in Rome at 9:00 am.

Just in time to start your adventure!

Transatlantic Cruise

Rome is waiting for YOU!

Don’t worry about the time loss, because you will get it back on your journey across. Like Columbus – you will be crossing the Ocean on a ship. You will not see land for several days in a row. It takes anywhere from 5-7 consecutive days, depending on the itinerary of the brand that you choose.  Many people will spend a day or more in their Embarkation City.  We spent two days in Rome, but three would have been nice.

During the crossing the clock on the ship is adjusted by a portion of the lost time each day.

YES – you get several 25 hour days in a row! It is difficult to describe in written words. Because it is truly something most of us have never experienced. The rejuvenating effect is indescribable, but not for the impatient commuter.  What would you do with the extra time?

ALL Photos courtesy of Celebrity Cruises!

(except the one of me at the beginning and the one of the Pantheon in Rome)

The best characteristic of these Ocean Crossing Voyages is the price! We all know that the best European destinations cost money, but sea days are cheap! By combining 5-7 sea days with expensive destinations the price is normalized or even a great BARGAIN!  Give us a call to find out, or shop our website.  But please do call for a personalized Cruise Brand recommendation. Picking the Cruise Line is almost more important than choosing the destinations. Get started by reading a post about our favorites to date here.

As you might have guessed “time off” is the greatest challenge.

Since the ship is driving across the sea, as opposed to flying, it takes longer. These cruises range from 11 – 22 nights in duration and are great for people with freedom! The ship has satellite internet so business people can even work. Can you picture yourself relaxing at sea, instead of being strapped into an airplane seat and back at work? After an adventurous regular length European Vacation, maybe a little work from the ship wouldn’t be so bad…..

Transatlantic Cruise

Oh and one more thing….

These special rejuvenating transatlantic cruises are only available in the Fall because you have to be traveling from Europe to the United States to get the unique benefit of the time change for the lengthened days at sea.  If you ride back over in the Spring – you will get 5-7, 23 hour days instead!  But hey – that’s why you have us to remind you of those things, right?

We sincerely hope you enjoyed our post!

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