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The Best Snorkeling in the World

We woke up to this beautiful ocean view from our balcony room at the Hurghada Marriott.  The first five star hotel we’ve stayed in this trip.

The buffet breakfast was BEAUTIFUL! But I forgot to take a picture of it. We had to be at the entrance by 8:40 to catch the van that our snorkel tour was sending for us.

For some reason Mohamed needed to speak with us on the phone as soon as we were picked up, to let us know that we had been picked up.  We stopped a couple more times at various resorts to pick up others, but they didn’t have to speak with Mohamed.?.? Soon we arrived at what looked like a Beach Nightclub Area.

There was a hut where guys were giving out snorkel equipment. Never again will we travel without our own gear. As it turned out my snorkel leaked.  I made the best of it – just sayin.

Carrying our equipment we headed for the boat!

They adjusted the plank to make it strait before I stepped on it.

The Hurghada area is much cleaner than Cairo but when I looked back at the walkway I could see there was still work to be done.  I had previously decided that one purpose for the garbage laying around was to keep the flies away from the people.

The Red Sea looked perfectly clean and clear so that was good!

You just have to decide to see the beauty instead….

We took a leisurely ride out to Sea. Enjoying the salty air and shade.

We drove past our hotel.

Once we turned away from the land to head for Giftun Island, I found a comfy spot to sit in the sun.  To my surprise – once again I was caught off guard by the “boat vendors”, this time a “Super Market”!

One of  two guys hopped on to our boat with a bucket assortment of sodas and a basket of chips to sell. 30 EGP got you a soda (about $1.50), which was high, but “delivered at sea” so……

We passed by a busy beach club area of the island and approached an area where many boats were gathering – all with snorkel tour groups!  Isn’t the water gorgeous?

After tying up to another boat – no time was wasted I was the second one in the water!  That may come as a surprise to those of you who know me – the water wasn’t the least bit cold!

A guide took us around in a group.  He had something good that was attracting fish!  We even saw a huge eel that he lured out to greet us! Stop back later. When I get home I will be adding #360fly video and other under water photography from our othe devices. Remember I am working strictly from my iPhone.  Needless to say I didn’t take it in the water…. After a while the boat moved to another spot.  All in all This was the best snorkeling we have done to date!  Rob was still in the water when the crew began serving lunch to the rest of us.  Can you find him?

That’s what you call a satisfied customer!  “Happy Camper” saying hello holding the #360fly camera.

After lunch they took us to the Giftun Island Beach for an hour of swimming!

Then all of the above in reverse to get back to our hotel to shower and dress for our night at Hurghada Marina Boulevard. A place for yaghts and people to gather. We caught a private car from our hotel for 20 EGP (a little over a dollar).

We walked for a while before selecting the “Nubian Egyptian Restaurant and Cafe.  (I think Cafe is code for “we have Shisha”)  We will post about the Nubian people later.  They sure make good food!  We connected with the restaurant owner – who told us he had traveled the world while working for Thompson Co of the U.K. on a cruise ship! Presenting: Stuffed Grape Leaves

Sharkasiaa Nubian – Trajan Rice and Chicken with Cream Sauce and Nuts.

Fatta Bel Lahma – Veal Meat with Rice and Garluc Sauce.

Complimentary Nubian Ice Cream!

We were supposed to stay to try “Shisha” but after filling our bellies we bows out. We really needed  to get up and move around, so we went for a walk. “Che Guevara”??  The Revolutionary from South America that liberated Cuba! – Really?  Why here? We wondered…  What connection did he have to Egypt?  Comment if you know!

Then a beautiful well cared for camel waiting for someone who wanted a ride – such gentle giants!

On our way out of the Marina area we just had to board “The Pirate Ship” for something sweet – just because it’s so pretty and we had seen her at sea earlier in the day. We wondered if “Ice Cream Coffee” was ice cream and coffee or a combination thereof – so we ordered two!  Yummy is what it was…..

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