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The Newest Corporate Retreat Venue!

fathom impact travel

Let “fathom Travel” Host your next Corporate Retreat

Where Home Base is a Cruise Ship!

Just think, a luxurious relaxing cruise voyage centered on personal growth and development for you and your team – no complicated planning process.  You don’t have to hire a programming consultant, just book your group and go.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!

The new cruise brand “Fathom” sailing to

The Dominican Republic and Cuba has you covered!

You and your team will be pampered by the on board staff.  You will be challenged to find your voice, and tell your story, while making memories and friendships for life. Can you think of a life event that changed you?  Got an idea that could change the world?  Want to have an Impact while you Give Play and Grow?

On the first day you will be sailing the Caribbean Sea.  You will meet the fathom Impact Team – and get familiar with the culture at your destination, by attending your Cohort Group Session.  The next 72 hours spanning four days will be spent in new newest Caribbean Port of Call, Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic.  Choose from five areas of interest for an opportunity to give back!  Choose up to three voluntary Impact Activities to fill a portion of your time at Amber Cove.

  1. Re-Forestation

  2. Teaching English

  3. Concrete Floors

  4. Water Filters

  5. Business Development


Take some time to relax and Enjoy the Water Park or Set out on a Waterfall Adventure at the Damajaqua Falls! Rent the Amber Cove Bungalows for break out sessions (pictured above)! Wine and Dine on the ship and enjoy the special local entertainment from the community.  Spend one more relaxing sea day to recap the experience and tie everything together that you experienced and felt….. Learn exactly what kind of impact you had, and how much has been accomplished so far.

corporate retreat

Fathom Adonia Dominican Republic Itinerary

Sound great and you want to learn more?

Lynn and Rob Belles of Travel Like an Architect are partnering with the new cruise line Fathom to teach you about the “fathom” opportunity and literally get you on board!!  So far in 2016 they have personally spent 21 nights on the ship.  The Belles’ understand the programming, and are closely connected to the staff, on and off the Adonia.  They want you to try it out for yourself so you can start planning how you will use this product to grow your company into a profit generating machine through personal growth of you team!

Dance party in the Crows nest

If you are an employer, human resource manager or other type of group leader we invite you to try out the experience.  Since “fathom” has you covered for the personal growth seminars all you have to do it pack!  Join us on December 4th for the 7 night journey to the Dominican Republic and find out what it’s all about. Just open up your schedule – isn’t that why you are the boss?

Then – start dreaming big because – your organization could buy out the ship! Bring your own celebrity speakers and presentation material, or rely on the fathom menu of offerings.  If you ARE a celebrity speaker we will work with you to build your own event!  We can help with all the details, even provide a website for your use in registering attendees!

Calling all Corporate Trainers, Business Coaches, Authors & Life Coaches!

This is a Great opportunity for any kind of dynamic speakers with a world-changing message!

There is ONLY room for 704 passengers! Easy to SELL OUT!

Small Groups begin at 10 Cabins or more.

There is nothing similar out there – EVERYONE gets a chance to GIVE BACK and PAY IT FORWARD

Because this is Social Impact + Travel!

Everyone experiences the Impact!  Give us a Call to Learn more!  815-516-0300

Read more about our “fathom Travel” experiences HERE

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