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Three Times LUCKY – Getting Out of Town – Park Sleep Fly

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Among the most difficult things we do is actually – Getting Out of Town!  This time we got really LUCKY three times!

I can’t think of weather I would rather be flying away from. This morning it is COLD – DREARY – WET in Chicago. (Lucky 1) #notsponsored #TLAATulum18

Getting Out of Town

Architect Rob and I always do a Park-Sleep-Fly Hotel the night before an early morning flight. It tends to diffuse some of the travel stress by getting us closer to the airport the night before.  When we cruise it is extra important to make sure we don’t miss our flight, and then miss the boat!

Because Getting out of town is the hardest part!

When I was a kid my Dad would load everyone into the car and take one lap around the block while asking who forgot what. Because you can’t remember what you forgot until you forget it. Usually it was my Mother who would need to go back for something. But at the same time, not intentionally, he must have been training us to forget stuff!

Yesterday, After getting the house sitter settled in, and saying goodbye to the dog four times, Rob and I backed out of the driveway……

Getting Out of Town

Our neighbors are working on plans for a new hair salon so Architect Rob dropped off a roll of drawings for them to study while we are gone. One more stop at a store and we would officially be on our way.

EXCEPT – while standing in line at the store my phone “blinged” it was the house sitter Collin.

OMG – of course I do! (Lucky 2)

That’s the stuff I need tonight at the hotel! We had been right on schedule but now our Suzee would have to hold our reservation at Maria’s. Maria’s is our traditional place to meet for a meal on either side of each trip! It’s just around the corner from our “Architecturally” favorite Park-Sleep-Fly hotel, the Hyatt Regency O’hare, designed by John Calvin Portman Jr. of Atlanta GA. This time we hadn’t seen our Chicago daughter Suzee, since Christmas!

(Now imagine if it was our flight that we would be late for and not just a dinner reservation)

What I can say is, that we know how we roll, and how to make our life comfortable. Just like my Dad, we build in little assurances that enable us to be who we are without dire consequence. That Park-Sleep-Fly Hotel night cost the SAME as transportation to and from O’hare, for less Stress and more Sleep and a HAPPY beginning to each vacation!  We don’t have to rush because we have a cushion of time.

Of course it all worked out! We are on our flight headed for Cancun where Brian and Traci will become husband and wife! #forever

Thank you for dining with us Miss Suzee – it was sure nice to see you!


Yes – you are real! (She said “I am Real” when I wanted a hug) My baby girl has grown into a real, beautiful woman. Thanks to our travel habit we get to see you ONE more time, than we would otherwise.  It makes Getting Out of Town so much more fun.

After dinner there was a short line at the hotel to check in – but worth the wait.

Arriving at our hotel room door, which was at the end of the hall, I immediately knew it would be architecturally different.

They gave us a suite! Lucky 3

I’m thinking this is going to be a GREAT TRIP! We have already been three times lucky and we are not even Out of Town!

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DISCLAIMER: Maybe you noticed the #notsponsored hashtag at the beginning. This means that we were not compensated in any way for this publicity. The opinions are authentic. We own what we say and share what we feel! Kick back, relax, imagine you are right here with us. Like the Park-Sleep-Fly concept? Book thru the link in the post. You get a discount & we get a couple bucks! Same with booking travel thru Belles World Travel.  At TravelLikeAnArchitect we take pride in helping YOU make GREAT Plans!

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