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Travel Anxiety…..

Yep we all have it!  I guess everyone has their own version of Travel Anxiety.  Our’s is just work overload, and Rob doesn’t really like the “Transportation” part of the trip but once we get there – all is better than well. But for some reason we always think that ALL the work we have must be DONE before we can leave for a short week and a half.  It’s simply not true, but when you are your own employer you can get caught up in those kind of ideas, because there isn’t anyone else to do the work, while you are gone.  And no work equals no income, so it is important. But really – we don’t want to return to work with nothing to do. But we always go about preparing for our trip with this idea in the forefront of our mind.  It gives you Travel Anxiety, thinking that you have to have EVERYTHING DONE! (insert funny Giff of me running up and down the stairs – nope – didn’t get it done) At some point reality sinks in and I turn to hustling around pissing on fires.  This makes Rob anxious, and we both get a little crabby. You know I resort to ONLY doing the things that really MUST be done in order for us to walk out the door.  There are really ONLY two.

  1. Packing – because we have more fun if we don’t forget something…

  2. House Cleaning – because our house sitter doesn’t want to stay in a dirty hotel…

Everything else can wait.   In a perfect world the things I would like to have done include:

  1. Invoicing

  2. Bookkeeping

  3. Clean Desk

  4. Current Project Complete

  5. Packing

  6. House Cleaning

If I could do this I would return from vacation in a fresh state of mind.  I would feel well rested, and ready to begin work on something new.  But instead I just return to this heap of unfinished stuff…..  Well I can keep striving for future perfection. I am a problem solver.  This problem really doesn’t exist.  It only exists in my mind.  So in order to fix it, all I have to do is change my mind.  Here goes…..


When we walk out the door for our vacation everything will be done that truly needs to be done.  We will be able to relax and enjoy our journey. We will leave behind a beautiful home in the care of someone we trust. We will have with us all of our new toys, and things we want to read and study along the way, those things that make us comfortable and give us peace of mind. We will be in our “loving life” state, hand in hand or raising our glasses in celebration of each precious adventurous moment! We will make memories by the dozen – and friends abound and be absolutely amazed by the Architecture! We will live, laugh and love like never before……  Yep – done it many times before. Our vacations are pure bliss!


But our greatest aspiration is to inspire the fire in you! 


What are you waiting for?  What is your Travel Anxiety?  How can you overcome it?  Try doing like I do….. Write a little something following the format above.  Answer these questions: 1. What am I worried about? 2. How does it make me feel? 3. Is it real? or did I make it up in my own mind? 4.  Re-write it the way you want it to be.. Then take the first step toward it…. Shop for the trip. Give us a call – we’ll help you! Select the trip. Book the Trip.  Book it far enough out that you have enough time to save and prepare. Then start preparing.  Prepare your mind. Prepare your body. Prepare your home. Prepare your bags. Prepare your partner.  You can do this!  If I can do this anyone can!

We call it Blueprinting your Vacation!

There’s really nothing like a vacation adventure to re-connect with your life partner…. it engages you before, during and after!  You know, that best friend you fell in love with, that you hardly ever see anymore… We suggest a cruise because every night is “Date Night”! Dinner, Dancing then Sheets…..  Yep – I said that! Don’t pack any pjs!  That is my advice.  Don’t ask me how I know, just take my word for it.

My favorite vacation photos below……


Ocean Images – Holland America Line – 2015

Read about our adventures off the ship CLICK HERE Follow us through Egypt in September of 2017! Click “FOLLOW” over on the right! If you are self employed too – you will find cruising to be the perfect vacation experience because you remain connected to your business throughout the journey!  Also – Ask us about our Discount Member Websites for your Employees!

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